Monday, June 22, 2015


For more summers then we can count, The Riverbend festival has been a tradition. Bringing in great acts such as Brandy, The Isley Brothers, Kid Rock, The Temptations, and many more. The week long festival started in June 1982. As a tradition the festival come to life for one week in June. Of course, fashion takes over the week and many plan for months on whats the perfect outfit they will wear. Here is our style.

Al'leta LaShan of #EDWINALASHAN had a marvelous girls weekend and did not want to miss a moment of the Annual Riverbend festival. Taking a more laid back approach she wore a spaghetti strapped short white bohemian romper (jumpsuit) with woven lace bottoms. Which she bought on sale at +Forever 21 .

To accent the jumpsuit, she added a skinny brown-beaded belt around the waist. Of course, that's not all her accents, she then wore a bronze floral-faced watched around her wrist from JCPenneys. A silver statement necklace with multicolored stones now on sale at Walmart. Lastly, single brown sandals from Forever 21. 

Another Special appearance by #EdwinaLaShan 's friend, Kiayni Norwood. 

She was wearing a tanned-clothed fedora from  Forever 21. With a white simple tank top from Walmart. Then high waisted, pleaded black shorts again from Forever 21. Gold strap with a black buckle flip-flop style from JCPenneys. 

Of course, can't forget the accents!! A tribal arrow gold necklace from Charlotte Russe. A wool long pleaded kimono from JCPenneys, she caught on sale! With a beautiful natural hair twist out that added some ohh lalala to a classic beach Bohemia look. 

The girls spent some of the evening on the beautiful roof tops downtown, taking in the scenario. Of course with every beautiful scenario you need a FABULOUS model to go with it. Check out the girls and let us know you thoughts on how they did?!?!?!?! 

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                                                   -EDWINA LASHAN

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