Monday, May 27, 2013

"FASHION ON A DAILY": Rainy Day Madness !

Have you ever found yourself looking through your closet on a rainy day and having absolutely no idea what to wear?!?!?! THATS OKAY, because Edwina LaShan gots your back ! Of course, the seasons are constantly changing and looking good has become a downer! You know it's true!! In our opinion, cute and comfy is the thing. Start by wearing some cute simple or colorful leggings to bring a pop of color to you mood. With a cute colorful or simple top. Feel free to add a colorful scarf or casual jewelry nothing to heavy and too much and nothing to little and not enough, try aiming for something in the middle. But if leggings aren't your thing try a cute short warm seasonal time dress with some stockings or leggings to go with. And if you really want to add some spice to the dress try long shear-sock stockings. Of course, WHAT SHOES TO WEAR?!?! In my opinion, Rain boats because they are the perfect accessory to show your funky or preppy look in the rain. From poke-a-dot to snazzy animal print or the basic plaid or a simple pop color boot. For those who don't own rain boats, a basic flat or converse will do the trick. Plus, you got to have outer wear! A simple Rain-Coat or a colorful blazer will end the look ! Ladies and gents RAINY MADNESS NO MORE ! Oh and DON'T FORGET YOUR UMBRELLA...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oxfords for Women???

Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Women can rock Oxfords too! And they can look just as fly or better than the men! Hehehe! Check it out! From neutral tones to metallics to colorful spring colors, Oxfords can be worn for your day look! 

Essence Spring 2012 vs. Spring 2013

Hey Edwina Lashan watchers!

Today, I just so happened to be browsing through Essence Magazine 2012 Spring Issue when I noticed that Spring 2013 hasn't changed much from 2012's style! From Metallic to Neons, through Tribal Prints, and Rural 20s style! Fashion is evolving, don't get me wrong, but True Style is Timeless!!! Enjoy! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#Fashion on the Daily "Mother's Day Edition"

Here are 3 different Special Event looks for Mothers Day weekend and Springtime!

1st Look: Church Mothers Day Brunch

"Spring Elegance" -CatanaJones

I chose a look that would distinguish me from the rest in an elegant classic peplum "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Audrey Hepburn inspired dress.

The event was originally planned to be a tea party, so a themed inspired dress was chosen.

Serving as the "Mistress of Ceremony",
I needed a look that would capture two things, attention and power, to keep the audiences attention. Glam yet business casual appropriate.

Red is known to be the color of power, so to lighten up the power to a sweeter and lighter form coral was the best color to achieve this.

A mixture of red and orange.

Since this was a spring event, I wanted to have some spring color block fun!

To compliment the coral dress, I added a baby blue necklace, to give off a spring and summer beach scene theme.

Each color represented the beach. Coral is a color that represents fish and shells, baby blue is a color that represents the ocean and the beautiful blue sky!

To finish the look, a Pink Blazer and Leopard print shoes were added for fun! Gold skinny belt, and gold earrings.

2nd Look: Charity Event/Concert "Night to Remember" Chattanooga, Tn.

I had been planning this look for months when I found a white tuxedo blazer from Forever 21!

I loved this white blazer so much, and I knew this was a special blazer!

It couldn't just be worn any old place.

That's when it clicked in my head "Night to Remember" is coming up this Spring, this blazer would be perfect for a "Night of Elegance."

Plus I wanted something different than the usual cocktail dress, or formal dress, the ladies usually wear to this event.

I wanted to be daring! Why not try to pull off a pant suit?

Considering that pants suits are in this spring season!

Pant suits are hot on the runway and the red carpet!

Celebrities such as Beyonce and Solange, are doing a lot with tailored pant suits on the red carpet. And killing it!!!

Janelle Monae is a fashion icon with her unique ability to pull of a tux!

So at this point I knew this was the look I was going to pull off! I just had to find the perfect blouse to compliment the blazer and the perfect white slacks!

Over months of looking, I found a tuxedo silk blouse at JCPenneys on sale for only $5! 😍 A blouse I had been plotting on for months and I actually thought was sold out!

Not only was this blouse special because it kept the tuxedo theme going, but it is also a body suit!

That's right!!! It brought back the old school body suit look from the early 90's! This was definitely a must have! I hadn't seen an elegant body suit blouse in years!!!

The slacks, came from "Dun Dun Dun!!!", The THRIFT STORE!!! For only $1 or 3 dollars! I lucked up this day, because the thrift store was trying to get rid of all its old inventory to bring in new inventory! #FashionSteal

The white slacks are also Express pants! That's right!!! You read right! Express slack pants, from the thrift store, all white! No stains! Tailored! Super cheap!

You have to know I was in fashion heaven by this point!

Everything came together PERFECTLY!!!

Gold accessories were the accesory choice for the night, mainly because gold is the color of Royalty and it stands out!

Gold earrings, gold purse and gold shoes!

Everything on sale for $20 or less!

Shoes and blazer being the most expensive, but in the $20 range.

Who said you can't shop for less and still look like hundreds of bucks!!!

Hair: High Ponytail, to give off bone structure and to keep the hair off the shoulders. Swept back hair, also helps to keep attention on the suit!

Makeup: Neutral eye makeup and to give off a contrast to the Black and white suit, a red lip!

Glasses: $40 Eyear optical. 

3rd Look: "Church for Mothers Day!"

To pull of this look, I just pulled out a colorful floral spring time fitted dress, I had been having in my closet for about 2 yrs now. The only thing different is that I styled different and added more to the look.

For Mother's Day I needed to wear red or white for my church women's day month to represent whether my mom was still living. ( A Mother's day church tradition)

I needed a dress to incorporate red to represent that my mom is blessed and very much still alive!

So I decided to go with a splash of red! That way, I can still show off my individuality as well as go with the color theme!

A nude open toe pump was the shoe choice. A pink blazer, a pink lip, and a Pocka dot earring to give off Japanese harajuka style! 


Fashion Editor and Stylist: Marquita Ector