Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Chattanooga is an amazing place to grow up in. Especially in the heart of downtown where Urban Art flourishes and comes to life. On a beautiful, Saturday afternoon Kianyi Norwood, fellow tumblr (fizzyspirit.tumblr.com) and I wanted to explore where the wild things where??!! I'm glad to say we found it. 

Kiayni can be seen wearing a green with gold accent necklace from Dillards. A basic white tank top from Wal-Mart. Tribal white loose pants with various fall and spring colors from a women's catalog called Venus. 

Plus white flip-flop sandal style shoes from Old Navy. Of course, one of our close natural guru's, rocking a basic up-do fro. Brings a nice African Boho twist to our beautiful downtown area. 

Our very own Al'leta LaShan of #EdwinaLaShan CAN'T GO OUT WITHOUT A BANG. Shes wearing a gold and silver, multi-twist beaded necklace, from Walmart. BTW, Walmart is now selling necklaces for very cheap. Great place to pick up a few statement necklaces. 

She is also wearing a blue jean Navy button down shirt, with self made bleached stains, that she picked up from thrifting. Giving it a very edgy look. 

Plus, some bright red tribal pants with various prints vertically down the legs from Wetseal. Then some knockoff Timberlands from Wetseal that adds her own flavor. 

The look brings an urban bohemian look especially with the two buns natural look. 

Thank you so much for checking out #EdwinaLaShan #FashionBlog. 

We ask that you continue to support us and encourage us along the journey. 

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                                                   -EDWINA LASHAN

Monday, July 13, 2015

STREET STYLE SATURDAY!!! Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog!!!

It's Fun to Feature Fashions from Around the World and Major Runways! 

But there is Nothing Like Featuring Fashion from Your Own Neck of the Woods!!!  

Shout out to these Fashionistas who Have Supported Edwina LaShan! 

Some of which we know from our Hometown, College, or even just via Social Media! 

They all come from Different Walks of Life, but one common factor, we do know that we have in common, is Fashion and Women's Empowerment! 

Thanks Divas for allowing us to Feature you on Our Blog!!!

Our First Fashionista is Nakia Woods from Chattanooga, TN. Nakia is a Gorgeous Fashionista from Chattanooga, Tn!  

We are loving her in Her 4th of July ALL White, Sheer, Halter, Peplum Dress!!! #Chic #Classy #Sophisticated #Classic  #Peplum #Dress #AllWhite #Wedding 

Next up... is Leslie @curlsbylala from Chattanooga.

Leslie is a Natural Hair Blogger from Chattanooga, Tn., who now resides in St.Louis. Leslie has been a supporter of Edwina LaShan for some time now and we just love keeping up with her Blog! She is a career driven woman who knows who she is and is about her Business! #Fashionista #Girly #Classy #Fun #Chic #BigHair 

This Next Fashionista is a Double Feature!!! This chick has always been a Show Stopper!!! 

Crystal Barnes graduated from Tennessee State University. She's from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Owner of her own Business that encourages young girls and Grown Women to be Queens of their own Right!!! 

Crystal is a Woman who knows her Worth!!! Kudos to you Lady!!!


Check out her headband site!!! @queensofmoca #MocaBands #TSU #TSUAlumni #WrapDress #Grown #Sexy #Curvy #Sleek #Sophisticated #Confident #Colorful #Fit #Athletic #Queen #Fashionista

Watch out People!!! 

It's Nori Nori!!! @itsnorinori Enora Heard is a from Chattanooga, Tn!

Nori is a TV and Radio Personality of Chattanooga! She is known for giving back to her community and helping others! She enjoys working with Youth! Nori has always supported the ladies of Edwina LaShan and most of all, she's an awesome person with a very giving heart! 

Thanks for letting us feature you! #Classic #Vintage #Different #Bold #FashionStatement #Queen #Beauty #Classy #Sophisticated #Elegant 

DOUBLE TROUBLE!!! Dress so Nice, we had to Feature her Twice!!! @queensofmoca 👑 

Thanks Again Ladies for Letting us Feature You!!! We Appreciate the Support!!! 

Stay tuned for More Street Saturday Features!!! 

Xoxo!!! 💋 -Edwina LaShan