Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Edwina LaShan Winter Color Burst!!!

Check out these Looks that Edwina LaShan Created for Our Winter Color Burst! 

Edwina: Styled by Edwina! 
Wearing all white from head to toe! 

When I purchased my color burst, color of the year, Radiant Orchid, purse, I knew from the start, how I was going to style it!

wanted to go for a winter monochrom  look with a burse of color! 

My purse came from JCPenneys! For $20! 

Color: Radiant Orchid 
Designed by: Nine and Company! 

My blouse was a Black and White, monochrome blouse from JCPenneys. Designed by Joe Fresh. 
For only 4.99! 

My white trouser pants came from Express, but they were thrifted for less than 5 dollars! 

My black wedge booties came from JCPenneys! For about 10 dollars! 

Note that the most expensive pieces I have on are my purse and Shoes! Which is really a good deal! It's very rare that you find purses and shoes of good quality any cheaper than $20, so when you find it, you have found a great deal, worth having! Cop it! Don't let it pass you by, unless you absolutely can't afford it! 

I didn't accessorize much, but I did throw on a pair of purple amethyst birthstoned stud earrings to match my purse, for a timeless touch. I also wore a turquoise stone ring. 

To finish the look, I wore a Burlesque styled, vintage, 1920s, Bird Cage, top hat, headpiece, from Charlotte Russe! Considering I wore this look to church, it help give me a Classic, Church Woman, Signature Look! 

Lastly, I wore a Thrifted black Peacoat, trench coat for as low as 6 dollars.

Here's the finished look from Edwina: 

Next, we have LaShan.
I wore a shear polka-dot navy and white blouse. On top of that, I added a floral blazer with gold chain accents to shake it up. 

Mixing two very different prints together but by pulling out small similarities between two, I was able to blend them together and pull off the look. 

Both pieces were bought at JCPenneys at an average cost of 10 dollars. 

Next, I wore a simple high-waisted tailored pants which I bought at Forever21 last year. They cost me right around 10.99 during the big sale season.

My shoe of choice were shinny black tailored oxfords. I purchased these shoes some time ago at Dillard's, during the huge season sale. They are are designed by one of my favorite designers, Gianni Bini. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS EYE FOR FASHION! 

To accesories I wore a navy oval, royal blue,  stud earring, accented in diamond jewels, around the outer part of the earring

I finished my look with a chunky mixed necklace with white pearls and clear jewels with silver lining to top the look off. As you can see, my hair is shorter, so I definitely feel that help in bringing the look alive.

Happy 60th Birthday Oprah!!!

Happy 60th Birthday to The Strong, Fierce, Black, Rich and Fabulous Queen of Media Oprah Winfrey!!! 

The 2014 Grammy Awards: Fav Looks!

Check Out Edwina LaShan's Fav Looks from The Grammy Awards 2014: 

Beyonce in a White Michael Costello Gown wins Best Dress!  

Colbi Caillat in a Red Ezra Santos Gown: 

Gospel Singer known for her Break Out Song, "Break Every Chains" in a Blue Blouse and Ball Skirt by Nicci Nicci! Styled By Celebrity Stylist Jason Bolin: 

A Glowing Preggo Ciara in a Gold Emilio Pucci gown looking beautiful as ever! 

Younger Sister of Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton in a Red Michael Costello Gown! Loving the hand jewelry she is wearing! 

Taylor Swift stunning Gold in Gucci! 

Wife of Soul Singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen in silver sequin Johanna Johnson: 

Kendrick Lamar wearing a blue tuxedo suit and shirt! 

Rita Ora in a green Lanvin metallic dress! 

Socialite and Model Amber Rose in Naeem Khan: 

Faith Evans in a Fenty Baudelaire Parker Black Gown by Nathanael Allessandroni: 

Alicia Keys in Blue Armani Prive! 

Ashanti in a Dar Sar Dress, Jewels by Nanis Italian, Heels by Giuseppe!

Check out Looks from The Clive Davis Pre Grammy Party: 



This January, I noticed a lot of women using this time to accessorize! As I was sitting in my room pondering what was trending... Trying to figure out, what I noticed a lot of. Finally... it HIT ME! Necklaces! 

I'm not just talking about regular, simple, plan necklaces. I'm talking about BIG ,BOLD and FABULOUS NECLACES! Which are making a bold statement on the fashion scene. JUST CHECK IT OUT! 

Everyone is rocking the new accessory. Even Our First Lady, Michelle Obama was caught with her BIG, BOLD, and FABOLOUS NECKLACES! 

The BIG FABOULOUS NECKLACES, have become a great way to accent a great look. Plus, it's an amazing way to exit the awful bare neck. Its lost without purpose. Necklaces this big and bold, have graced the cover of magazines, runways, red carpet type events and of course celebrities, and their stylist are pickin up the look. 

Of course make sure you go pick up yours as soon as possible. I already have mine.

Here's a photo of The Ladies of Edwina LaShan ROCKING their BIG, BOLD, and FABOLOUS NECKLACES! 

I must say," These FABULOUS necklaces will be the must have of the Season". And if your not sure where to purchase your BIG, BOLD, and FABOLOUS NECKLACES; Check out some of these stores listed below:
•Charolette Russe
•Charming Charlie
•Forever 21 
•CATO's Fashions
•Simply Fashion
•Rue 21
•Local boutiques 
•and many more...

The BIG, BOLD, and FABOLOUS NECKLACES are very dependable for almost any events! Thats why I love the Necklaces so much!