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Just recently I (Al'leta LaShan of #EDWINALASHAN FASHION BLOG) came home from college and found myself overwhelmed with clothes and stuff. From my microwave to hair supplies to jackets and peacoats, I mean the list goes on. I brought back even more stuff then I had brought to college. It was awful! I was clearly in over my head. Then it donned on me. What if I wasn't the only one??

    So I decided to get organized and I needed to do it fast! Like many ladies, #Pintrest is the easy place to go and get ideas. The only thing is you never get a full and direct answer. So you began to pin which creates a board. Now you have tons of strategies, but which one is right?! 

    Well look no more because I have the exact tips and directions to follow to get you where you need to be for moving into your own place or going to college.

1. First step, I like to call is...Cleaning out your closet

Yes, its a great way to dive in head first! Here's what it does. It allows you to focus more on the clothing that shapes and molds your style. Also, gets rid of those clothes that no longer serve any interest to you. Just recently I alone got rid of four garbage bags full of clothes and some still had a tag on them. That's something we are all guilty of...SALES! I love saving money and buying clothes and when I can do them both equals #winning. Then here's what happens, I buy a shirt because it is attractive to my eye and its cheap and it has some quality. Then somehow and someway it finds itself back behind your closet never won. 

Why? because at that moment you think it "could be" a great addition to my closet. I mean I can find something to wear with it. If those were your exact words then its okay when all been there and now were fixing the problem.  

Here's another thing, if you can't instantly think of at least three different outfits it could work with, then don't buy it! Most people buy outfits for an occasion not valuing what you already have. That stuff adds up and then suddenly when you find that shirt you bought years ago, you ask yourself why you never wore it. Its time to toss it! 

If you haven't worn it in two months then let it go. Or if you can't remember the last time you wore it, let it go. Still has a tag on it and you bought it some time ago, let it go. Cluttered closets are the worst closets, because you will never have any thing to wear. 

My sister and I together came up with about nine garbage bags of clothes and still working on more. What we did with our old and used clothes is...we gave them away to Charity, our favorite thrift store. They no longer served purpose and our closet went to something great.


2. Second step, Getting Organized.

Now that you have gotten rid of all the clothes you don't want any more, you now should have space. The strategy of  this part is creating more space with containers, storage bins, dressers, and etc. You also have to think about arrangement and buying things that can stack nicely on each other. Plus separating things with labels and categorize. Its easier for me to separate my clothes in seasons and transition seasoning. 



Here in Chattanooga, summer is in full effect, but spring rain and wind is still making an appearance. So that means all my heavy coats, scarfs, winter boots, gloves, and all that fall and winter stuff can go into labeled boxes and be put somewhere its not overly taking up space like downstairs, attic, hallway closet, or even a designated room it just all depends on the space you open up. Meaning know what is going where and how long does it need to stay there. Remember when you putting stuff in storage that it needs to follow two key rules:
       1.) Has to be movable, if you find yourself with a bigger pile then you started report back to rule number one. Just because, its going in a storage bin doesn't necessarily mean that its 100% needed. Which pushes me to my next and finally rule
       2.) Safety. Don't move this stuff in front of doorways, windows, heaters, on the floor where people can hurt themselves. Remember the cleanness  house is the safest house. Always practice safety routes. Be cautious of where things are going and how there going wouldn't want things to fall over because they were stacked two high or not stacked properly ({example} over stacking containers).


3. Third step...Packing the REAL STYLE ESSENTIALS

Of course, college is one of the best times of your life. Why not look good for it? There are tons of events happening that you must look the part for; there's parties, academic events, professor meetings, organization interviews, working out, hanging out with friends and so much more. Here's the crazy and insane thing, you can't bring your whole closet, because moving in and out of dorms are the most annoying things. Being prepared for everything is key, but those who are far from home don't have that privilege. I am currently working on what I'm going to take back to college because space is limited. 

What happen to me after my freshmen year was I have to bring all this stuff back home in what I thought was a decent sized mini van. 

On top of your clothes you have your microwave, refrigerator, TV, laptop, shoes, dish wishing liquid, shampoos, hair products, and lots and lots more with only so much space. 

My goal is to get down to at least 3 suitcases max. How is that possible???!!! Its simple. ARRANGEMENTS! Don't believe me, check the photos below for some great ideas.




So far my list of clothing consist of :





4. Last step, Moving into your own Place.
     Recently, released a step by step guide to safely getting your things were they need to go. We decided to post a link just in case we did not fully cover the "getting own place" part. Go check it out, its free and really hands on.

Thank you so much for checking out #EdwinaLaShan #FashionBlog. We asked that you continue to support us and encourage us along the journey. WE LOVE THE SUPPORT! Also we hope that this helped a lot by getting some clarity to how to start a fresh start. Most importantly, we credit  #pintrest for supply great photos and also #google to help you guys get a better understanding to what we mean and for supply great moving into your own place strategies. Lastly, #follow us on #instagram and #twitter @edwinalashan and #like our #facebook page called "Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog".  XOXO
                                                   -EDWINA LASHAN

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