Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Edwina LaShan Presents to You... "COLOR P.O.P." P.urpose O.riginality P.assion!!!

We're Baaaack!!! Edwina LaShan's COLOR POP taking a whole new meaning to color and POP. With fabulous fashion ideas and creativity. 

POP is Edwina LaShan's: 
P.assion O.riginality and P.urpose. 

This is Part 2!

Marquita Edwina is POPPING with Vibrant Colors! Marquita is wearing a black and white polka dot, sleeveless, black round collar, cotton blouse. The bottom of the blouse she is wearing is bordered with a POP of Hot Pink Color! This Harajuka  styled blouse gives off a Japanese Street style flavor! 

Al'leta LaShan is POPPING with Pastel Colors proving that you dont have to just POP in color with Vibrant Colors, you can tone it down, if vibrant is too much for you! 

Al'leta is wearing a simple yet vintage cream silk blouse with a 1/2 sleeves and a round neck collar. This particular blouse is chic, yet comfortable, you could wear it with just about any color pant or print and it will still give you a comfortable high fashion look! Al'leta prefers to wear the blouse tucked in because it brings the outfit together with a very clean cut finish. 

This blouse is a Thrift Find for as low as a dollar! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

Marquita is wearing a long simple green pencil skirt. 

By doing so, Marquita creates a daring color POP with a green skirt! Most times people are afraid to use color bottoms, especially the most vibrant colors such as green, yellow, and so on... But this daring fashionista tried it! And it WERKED!!! 

Color Scheme Designer:

For years Pink and Green have been colors that compliment each other. A national sorority, by the name of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated even uses the colors Pink and Green as their color scheme of choice, and they make it work every time! 

Below: A Pic of Marquita Edwina as a Child wearing Classic Pink and Green. 

"As a child, I can remember our mom dressing me in Pink and Green Plaids, and it's always seemed to work to give off a sophisticated, fun, and Classic lady like look! Pink and Green has worked since the 80's for me!" -Marquita Edwina

The Green skirt is a thrift find for a dollar! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ

Next, Al'leta LaShan is wearing a short light blue/periwinkle pencil skirt. It brings a business yet chic look that can compliment any attire.

This skirt is made from a cotton mixture. It's comfy yet perfect for a day at the office or just a summer day out with friends! 

Marquita Edwina Accessorized with simple classic jewelry such as a pearl and diamond bracelet and large pearl earring studs. 

Finishing the look with Big Afro Hair, 80's vintage glasses, and a glitter pink blush colored close toe round pumps! 

Al'leta LaShan accessorized with a courier black and white layered necklace, small pearl earrings, white pearl bracelet, and a skinny white belt. 

Finished the look with small black frame glasses, and brown and black splash print cage wedges. 

Now you are set to GO!!! 

These looks are perfect for a Saturday Day Out on the Town with Your Girls for lunch, Fashion Events, or Saturday Night Events! 

Its also just perfect for a Sunday morning at church. 

LaShan's look is perfect for a business day!

We present to you Edwina LaShan Color POP!

Thank you for tuning into Edwina LaShan's Color POP!

You guys, give us the spirit and motivation to display our 

"P.urpose, O.riginality, and P.assion."

 We Thank You!!! 

Color POP part 3... Coming Soon!!! 

Stay tuned.... --Edwina LaShan

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Monday, July 29, 2013

JANET JACKSON: "The Fashion Trailblazer, The Queen of POP, RnB Singer, Actress, Sister of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, Designer, Daughter, Aunt and Wife."

YES IT'S JANET, Mrs. Jackson if your NASTY! Born as Janet Damita Jo Jackson on May 16,1966 as the youngest of the famous Jackson family, home of the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. 

In 1991, she signed to Virgin Records later were she debut her first album, Janet in 1993. Due to this album, sweet little old JANET was out the window. Her sex appeal became the new sensation. Later that year she was cast and played Justice in Poetic Justic co-starring Tupac Shakur. This was when she rocked the Classic Urban Box Braid that Women of ALL ages have adopted and brought back in the past 3 years due to Style icons like Solange Knowles. The look was also very popular in the 90s!

Being the youngest out of ten kids she began her career as an actress in a 1976 variety show on CBS called "The Jacksons" . Later making appearances on Diff'rent Strokes, A new kind of family and Good times. 

Due to this she became a role model for black teenage girls who adopted her layered hair style and wore hooped earrings.

She released her first single in 1978 with a duet with her brother Randy Jackson called Long Song For Kids. From there, her career began to take flight.

After her second album managed by her father Joseph Jackson, Dream Street she decided to seperate her business affairs from her family.

Songs such as —"What Have You Done for Me Lately", "Nasty", "When I Think of You", "Control", and "Let's Wait Awhile" became her hot hits and top the billboard! 

In 1989, she realesed her fourth album Janet Jackson's Rhythem Nation 1814, were her extremely choreographed moves and epic clothing  became the new inspiring era. With a lot of choreographed music video dances by Paula Abdul, Janet was taking over the game.

Of course she never misses a beat by giving a percentage of profits to The Boys and Girls Club of America.

Taking over the stage as the Queen of Pop, it didn't take her long to get back to the set. In 2000, she co-starred in a family comedy with Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor 2. Later, in other movies like Tyler Perry's "Why did I get Married?" and "Why did I get Married too?". 

Acting and singing weren't the only thing that Janet had under her belt. In 2011 she launched a deal for a Fur Fashion Line with Blackglama. From there her style and identity became very difficult for anyone to imitate. 

She was Janet Jackson, a music mogul, designer, wife, auntie, actress, and the untouchable. 

Even though, her style was untouchable it didn't stop her from becoming very influential to many artist such as Beyoncè, Ciara, Lady Ga Ga, Brittney Spears, her Rival Madonna, her Dance choreographer Paula Abdul, Her brother Micheal Jackson and many more.

So the "Queen of Pop" Mrs. Janet Jackson we THANK YOU! For your influnential style in fashion and dedication to create a unstoppable force to what is fashion.

Introducing to you, Ladies and Gentlemen... 

The Queen of POP, Janet Jackson!!!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BILLIE HOLIDAY: "The Fashion Trailblazer, Lady of Blues Singer."

Who is the Elegant lady who sings the Blues and wears that Beautiful flower in her hair? 

The Influential Jazz Singer, Lady Day, of course! 

Best known as Billie Holiday! 

Here are a few Quick Facts about Billie Holiday:

•Billie Holiday's Birth name is Eleanora Fagan Gough. 

•She changed her name to "Billie Holiday" to pay tribute to her favorite film star "Billie Dove". 

•The name Holiday came from her father, who was also an musician named Clarence Holiday.

•She was Born April 7, 1915 to her mother, Sarah Julia "Sadie" Fagan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

•She is said to have Irish ancestors due to her moms mixed heritage.

•Best Known For Her Songs "Lady Sings The Blues" and "Strange Fruit".

•She passed away July 17, 1959 in New York City, New York due to her own battles with substance abuse. 

Today we pay tribute to The "Lady Who Sings The Blues", Billie Holiday, as Our Fashion Icon! 

Fashion lovers have been channeling their inner Billie Holiday for years, whether it be for an Elegant performance or event, a Fashion Forward Photo shoot or a Breathtaking Wedding Ceremony! 

Brides for years, have sealed their wedding day look with a touch of class, by adding the Billie Holiday signature look.

Billie Holiday is known for her signature style which includes the most noticeable and most often used, the classic flower in the hair. 

Women from generation to generation have borrowed this look to feel amazingly beautiful, and elegant!

Diana Ross in Lady Sings The Blues a Film about Billie Holiday's life.

Actress, Paula Patton, portraying Billie Holiday.

Singer Christina Aguilera channeling her inner Billie Holiday. 

Not only is Billie Holiday known for just her signature touch of class with the flower in her hair, she is also known for her rich attire! 

Billie Holiday wore elaborate hair pieces, sequin dresses, and long white gloves. 

She was known for her jewelry which included chandelier earrings, diamonds, long strands of pearls, and cocktail rings that insisted in giving her an upscale, Harlem Nights, cotton club look.

"Never one to blend in with a crowd, Billie liked to wear lots of gorgeous, statement-making jewelry. She wore chandelier earrings, cocktail rings and strands of pearls for a lounge-like vibe which can easily be mimicked today." -Ashley Wermick Style Editor from College Editor

Lady Day also knew exactly how to show off her curves, she would wear silks, laces, prints, or sequin dresses that hugged her curves. 

"Even when she wasn’t performing, Billie always accentuated her curves with gorgeous, body-skimming dresses. Printed, lacy or bejeweled, Billie looked amazing in every dress she wore."
-Ashley Wermick Style Editor From College Editor 

You could also find Billie in beautiful rich  fur from time to time! 

"Whether she wore an oversized bow, a fur coat or a sequin-encrusted sweater, Billie knew how to make a statement with her wardrobe. She always wore pieces with that extra dose of pizzazz, which made her style anything but average." 

-Ashley Wermick Style Editor From College Editor

Thank you Fashion Icon Billie Holiday for all that you have contributed to The Fashion World! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, We now introduce to you the Classic Fashionista..  . 

Credits: Ashley Wermick Style Editor From College Editor