Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adding Personality to your Dorm Room pt.1

As many of you know, back to school is in full swing around the U.S. On behalf of our very own LaShan of Edwina LaShan Fashion blog going off to college for her freshmen year. We have dedicated this blog to her and her roommate Jasmine for their amazing creativity they have put fourth into making a room of their very own. Below we will display some pics of the room they decorated and then give some helpful tips on making one yourself for that special love one going off to college.

In creating a dorm room there are the five obvious things that must go into it. First, the bedding which includes the comforter, pillows, and etc. Secondly, a theme or a color scale, which the room would follow when buying other items. Third, a comfy chair I am a strong believer, that great work, is done in a comfy secure place. Like me writing this blog this is done in a very comfy chair, I must say. Fourth, organization and planning, this creates a game plan of what to buy and what will fit in the dorm room. You never want a dorm room that's so over crowded with your stuff and there's no room for your room mate. And lastly, personality! The most important part because this is your room and your own personal space, Make it yours and own it. Lets evaluate over these topics more listed below.
When creating a dorm room the first step is bedding. With bedding, it easily can become the theme of your room. Its the biggest part people look at and you will look at when entering a room. Everyone wants to know the color of your comforter, the design, and so much more. When choosing a comforter, the question to ask yourself is what do I want my bed to say about me? Do I want it to say, "This is my next chapter" or to say "I am secretly a big kid" and even "Am I fun and sassy!" or "sweet and reserved". How much do you want to show about yourself.
The more bright colors in a comforter, its displays a very vibrant personality and creative, the less its shows basic and simple. I personally think its best to do a mix of the to. It kind of says, "Yeah! I love having fun but I know what I'm here for!" Then there are prints, where you can refer to our blog posts back in August or September of 2013 titled "What do my print say about me?".

Perfect places I have seen to find a print that's just for you or that might spark your interest is Target, Walmart, Marshalls, Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond, some online searching of specific print would do a lot of help, and K-Mart. 
Next important part is, creating a theme or color scheme. In a dorm room, this makes everything connect together. By creating a theme it won't be like nothing goes together making an unbalanced room. When designing my dorm room, I learned the old art of feng shui. Certain colors can not be next to other colors because it will reflect on our mood.  
I am a strong believer that when picking a them or color scheme let your imagination soar. Don't hold back on expressing yourself to create a very unique masterpiece. Besides, this is the room you will be spending most of your time and sleep in. Why sleep in a uncomfortable place?

"The Thinking Chair"

The third to last part, I will like to discuss is what I like to call "The Thinking Chair". The thinking chair is a place where you can go to in order to get work done and organize your thoughts. Its also referred to by "Blues Clues" when his going under a lot of stress it calms him down. The chair could just be a regular chair but to add more style to the room make it coincide with the theme. Then you just want have just a random chair sitting in the middle of your room.
The most common "thinking chair" is the dish chair and I absolutely love mine. A great place to buy a chair is Walmart and Target. Target especially because they have a whole isle dedicated to chairs of different styles and sizes.
This concludes part one of two of adding personality to your dorm room. We hope you enjoyed reading and would love for you to tune into part two of the blog. Thank you for all the love and support of Edwina LaShan. Don't forget to follow us @edwinalashan on instagram and twitter plus, like us on facebook.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Month in Fashion!!! August 2014!

Over the last month there have been plenty of Fashion Shots circulating the Fashion World! Check out these Fav Shots of Ours from Instagram and Fashion Magazine Covers! We have looks from Rihanna, to Naomi Campbell, to Iman... From Beyonce to Nicki Minaj! Celebrities are starting up businesses, and some are just giving us face! Check them out! For Details, Check Out Our Instagram! @edwinalashan and follow us!