Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Style Icon: Debra Harry AKA "Dirty Harry!" Fashion Icon, Singer, Rockstar, Model...

Today on Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog, We are paying tribute to Our Style Icon, Debra Harry! AKA "DIRTY HARRY!" Of course, we will get to the influences and impacts this lady had on the fashion industry, but first and foremost lets learn a little about Our Style Icon and how she got her start! 

Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry was born July 1, 1945 in Miami, Florida. Debra is an American singer-songwriter and actress, best known as the lead singer of the new wave and punk rock band Blondie. 

She has also had success as a solo artist, and in the mid-1990s she recorded and performed with The Jazz Passengers. Her acting career spans over thirty film roles and numerous television appearances.

Before starting her singing career she moved to New York City in the late 1960s and worked as a secretary at BBC Radio's office there for one year. Later, she was a waitress at Max's Kansas City,  a go-go dancer in a Union City, Nee Jersey, discothèque, and a Playboy Bunny. 

In 1999, Harry was deemed the 12th greatest woman of rock and roll by VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll and in 2002, she was called the 18th sexiest artist of all time by VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.[

How do we describe Debra's Style??? Let's see, Sexy, Funky, Spunky and Timeless!!! She definitely a style icon, pop icon, and sex icon all in one!

Debra spunky, bang, bob hair cut definitely had a lot to do with her piercing style! She would wear the perfect eye makeup to compliment her style! Smoky eyes were definitely her thing! 

Similar looking to the beautiful Cameron Diaz in this shot, goes to show that Debra still influences the looks of many young, up and coming actresses and performers! Debra is rocking a denim high neck shirt! Super cute! 

Known to rock a screen tee like no other and make it look like High Fashion! Debra 'a rocker style is definitely very influential! 

Knee High Black Leather heels set off this photo of the beauty! 

Layered and a plain tee, can definitely scream sexy!!!

Debra Harry is pictured with her group in this photo! Giving us 80s Vintage! We love this yellow, fitted, long sleeve dress Debra is wearing! An accessory of a red hand and finishes the look perfectly! A gold rope belt also gives the dress the perfect finish it needed! Showing off her perfect waistline!

There is nothing like a funky wild hair cut, and a leather bomber jacket! Debra "Pops Her Collar" and brings to life a classic photo! Such a bad ass! 

She's such a Rock Star!!!

You can never go wrong with he perfect coumouflouge pant! Pair it with the perfect combat boot and a leather bomber jacket like this icon and you are good to go!

Whether her hair style was long or short Debra always managed to make it work! Love her usage of eyeliner with her light blond hair! It complimented her look perfectly!

This beauty guide decribes this bombshells style to a perfect tee! With her tousled hair in a long bob, with fringe smoky eyes. She wore the perfect red lip and shiny gloss! Bringing "Movie Glamour to Rock and Roll!" As she would say!

Leather bombers were definitely her thing! Do you have the perfect leather bomber jacket in your closet! If not... You better get you one! It's a timeless piece that has rocked wardrobes for decades!

Denim on Denim! Love this look on Debbie! She wears a dark denim at the top and a light denim on the bottom! Perfect! 

This 60's Mod look is super cute on Debra!!! Loving her mini skirt dress with the perfect long mid high boot!

What woman do you know that can rock a pink scully and make it look good with pink shades other the Debra Harry! Such a trendsetter! Not everyone can get away with this look! But she sure did! And made it look great with a red lip and a plain tee! Sexy, sexy, sexy!!!💋

Although she wasn't a professional model, Debra had the look of one! She brought many photos to life to the point you would think modeling was her profession!

Gotta love you some Blondie!!! How is she not loveble!!! 

Debbie makes these Avatar shades a sure hit!!! 

No one can wear a print tee quite so well! And make it look exotic every single time! 

Introducing... Our Style Icon, The Sexy, The Exotic, The Rock Star, The Singer, Dirty Harry, BLONDIE, Our Style Icon, Debra Harry!!!


One Piece Swimsuits for The Summer!!!

One piece swimsuits have been trending for years now, but the trend is growing more and more! At a time where people used to think showing less skin in bikinis was more sexy and being a risk taker! Now more coverage is beautiful and sexy! Keeping it grown and sexy is more flattering now!

One piece suits are becoming more and more exotic! 

Pin up suits have come back! Paying tribute to the 50s Classic trend!

Sheer CutOuts are still trending! Giving a little peek- a -boo sexiness!

Neck plunging 1 piece suits are also still trending!

This particular colorful, cut out, one piece suit has been an extreme hit this summer! Many celebrities have been spotted wearing this suit! Although the tan may not be as flattering afterwards, you would definitely be sure to turn heads!

Colorful and bright color swimsuits are extremely huge this summer! Everybody loves color! It's very flattering to the eye, in the summer time!

Florals prints and pretty much any type of print one piece swimsuit will keep you fashion forward!

Polka dots are always fun! And versatile!

The Kardadian sisters show us how the Black 1 piece swimsuit can look good on different body shapes and in different styles!

How about you favorite animal on your swimsuit! This tiger swimsuit would be sure to cause a lot of "ROARs!!!"

Black and white color block suit with a belt, similar to the Chanel look, would be perfect for a day on a beach with a statement floppy hat!

Miley Cyrus manages to pull of a swimsuit with a popular word slogan on it, and she makes it look good! 

Here it is again the colorful, cutout suit, celebrity actress, Sofia Vergara wore to the beach! She paired her suit with a beautiful violet skirt! Perfect color block for the beach! 

Well... Fashionistas! This concludes, Our "What's Trending Wednesday" blog! We hope this was able to inspire you some for your next trip to the pool or the beach! Have fun!!! ☀️👙💦

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IMAN: Style Icon, Super Model, Actress, Entrepreneur, Wife, Daughter...

Today on Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog, We pay tribute to Our Style Icon, Fashion Icon, Super Model, Entrepreneur, and Actress Iman! 

First and Foremost... Let's learn a little about Our Icon...

Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid was born July 25, 1955, professionally known as Iman (which means "faith" in Arabic), is a Somali fashion model, actress and entrepreneur. A pioneer in the field of ethnic cosmetics, she is also noted for her charitable work. She is married to David Bowie.

Iman attended High School in Egypt, graduated and went to college. While in College Iman was discovered by American photographer Peter Beard,  and subsequently moved to the United States to begin a modeling career. 

Her first modeling assignment was for Vogue a year later in 1976. She soon landed some of the most prestigious magazine covers, establishing herself as a supermodel. 

With her long neck, tall stature, slender figure, fine features, copper-toned skin, and exotic accent, Iman was an instant success in the fashion world, though she herself insists that her looks are merely or typically Somali.

She became a fashion muse for many prominent designers, including Halston, Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, Issey Miyake, Donna Karan, and, in particular, Yves Saint-Laurent. 

During her 14 years as a high fashion model, Iman also worked with many notable photographers, including Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Annie Leibovitz.

She is signed to TESS Management in London. Iman credits the nurturing she received from various designers with having given her the confidence to succeed in an era when individuality was valued and model-muses were often an integral part of the creative process.

After almost two decades of modeling, Iman started her own cosmetics firm in 1994, focusing on difficult-to-find shades for ethnic women. Based on her years of experience mixing her own formulations for make-up artists to use on her, she had a personal hand in the final product and also acted as the commercial face of the company.

As of 2010, Iman Cosmetics is a $25-million-a-year business. It is centered on $14.99 foundations in 4 formulations and 14 shades, and is among the top-selling foundation brands on Walgreens' website.

In Spring 2012, Iman signed fellow Somali designers Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim, founders of the Mataano  fashion company, as brand ambassadors for her cosmetics line.

What we love most about Iman's style is her ability to pay homage to her ancestry. She is known to rock beautiful, bold, rich, earthly tones, such as golds, reds, yellows, oranges, browns, and purples. Tones fit for an African Queen! When Iman hits the scene she is sure to turn heads! Her presence alone, demands attention! 

Known for her ability to bring the spirits of African Queens alive! No one could play the role of an African Queen quite as well as Iman! 

Iman brought to life Queen Nefetiti in the World Famous Michael Jackson video "Remember The Times" alongside Eddie Murphy!

Her glow, beauty, strong features, and piercing eyes brought the African Queen back to time! 

Fork Earrings??? Who else could rock such a statement jewelry and make it HOT other than Iman!

Iman alongside The King himself!!! 

Fashion Friends!!! Iman with friends Naomi Campbell, and Grace Jones!

Naomi Campbell and Iman! 

Fashion Model Friends Bethan Hardison, Iman and Naomi Campbell! 

Whether it was modeling or selling interior designs, Iman makes any product  she touches rich! Beautiful in blue!

Introducing Our Style Icon, The Beautiful, The Sophisticated, The Rich and Bold Style Icon,
Fashion Icon, Super Model, Entrepreneur, and Actress Iman!