Thursday, November 28, 2013


Goodafternoon! friends, supporters,  followers, fellow bloggers, blogger readers, family, critics and spectators!!! This week has been a great week for Black Women!!! For many reasons!!! Starting with the showing of the Black Girls Rock Awards on BET, Sunday, November 3, 2013! Honoring and featuring SOOO many accomplished women in African American History in the present and the past! 

Plus, just today, it was announced that The Woman in Florida who was falsely encriminated in Florida for protecting herself, was released today!!! She can finally go home to her kids!  Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!!! All thanks to us, good people, sticking up and spreading the awareness! This is proof that we can move mountains if we stand by eachother! Also congratulations to Harriet Tubman for being acknowledged a day in Tennessee! 

Scandal leading actress, Kerry Washington, also made headlines with her wonderful performance on Saturday Night Live! We love you Kerry!!! Kudos!!! 

Last but not least the Premiere of the Best Man Holiday was last night!!! We are more than proud of the cast for bringing this wonderful film back to life for us!!!

I haven't had the chance to catch the "Black Girls Rock" show in its entirety but just hearing all the positive feedback about the show did something to my soul! I love when women motivate, and lift eachother up! Instead of pushing each other down! Sometimes we can be eachothers worst enemies! So to see a show that encourages lifting each other up, Whoo, it excites me! 

The Ladies of Girlfriends reunited to pay tribute to the The creator of their show Mara Brock Akil. 

Then there was this wonderful article that circulated the web. It's an article from a well respected editor of chief, who had a lot to say about the criticism and negative feedback, about the "Black Girls Rock" segment. She explains why there is a show and why it's needed! 

Kudos to this lady! Job well done! We thank you!!! It always makes me happy to see there are still open minded people out there in the world! Check out the article here:

The same day of the "Black Girls Rock" award show, my best friend, Model and  Former Miss Black Tennessee, Lorean Mays, announced her second segment of "The Sister Chat" panel at the Chattanooga Downtown Library. Flyers were uploaded onto the internet, and the movement to spread the word of the panel started! 

The Panel will include real women, such as myself, my best friend, and other women who have accomplished various/different goals in our communities! 

The panel will include stories, and girl talks about real black women issues! Events like this are done in many other cities, but very rare in Chattanooga, so hopefully this will start a movement bigger than us in Chattanooga. 

Hope to see some of you there! The event will be November 23, 2013 at 2pm at the Chattanooga Downtown Library Auditurium. 

So as the week got kicked off, We at Edwina LaShan, got in the spirit of the Black Girls Rock movement and decided to upload photos of some of our favorite black girls who rock!!! Expecially after seeing my Bestie Lorean Mays post the question of "who were some of our favorite Black Girls Who Rock?" It didn't take long for me to decide to Highlight some of my Favorite, Inspirational Black Girls Who Rock!!! 

Check out Some of the photos below! XoXo! Kudos!!! Hope you enjoy!!! 💋 

Our Lovely Mother Carolyn Anderson Ector:

Our Lovely Grandmother Molly Walker Anderson and Our Aunt Lynda Anderson Rock!!! 

Our Bloggers Rock!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mixing And Matching Looks Right Out Your Own Closet!!!

Ok... So some may call me the Queen of Mixing and Matching! 

As a Fashion Lover, I have learned that the easiest way to prevent yourself from having to keep buying clothes everytime you have to find something to wear for an event, is to mix and match what's already in your closet! 

You may have that mini dress you bought for an event last year, that you plan to never wear again, or until no one remembers it. Well do not fret! That fear is no more! All you have to do, is wear that dress as a shirt, or add new pieces or accessories to your look! Change your hairstyle! Instead or wearing gold accessories wear silver or pearls! Add a splash of color accessory! All of these things are easy to do! 

Here are two different looks, that I tried this technique with... Both times, I got different compliments like the looks were brand new! 

The 1st Look was a look I did for the Shriners Ball! 

This was a last minute look, because I had no idea, until 5 hours before the event, that I was even going to the event. Lol So I had to think fast! I knew for a fact for various reasons that I couldn't wear a bare dress. I needed to wear something to cover and warm my legs. Stockings were not an option because I hate them, and I couldn't do leggings because this was a formal event. So I needed to go for elegant materials. So I pulled out all the formal dresses I have, and all the formal bottoms I have. 

This past summer, I thrifted silk wide leg pants in various colors. So that's when the idea came! 

Why not add a silk pant look to one of my formal dresses?!?

So I just tried on the first formal/flashy dress I had that could pass as a top and through on the pants! And I came up with this...! 

PERFECTION!!! My jewelry just fed off of all the colors in the dress. The dress was made of multi colored sequins! Navys, golds, silvers and coppers! Colors that can pretty much blend in with any color. I hadn't worn this dress in 2 whole years! Lol So it was a perfect fit! 

added diamond and silver accessories. My necklace and earrings were silver diamond. My rings were old vintage silver. My shoes were gold.

I know all these metallic colors sound overwhelming but believe it or not they all blended together very well! I'm a fan of mixing silvers and golds as long as they are mixed the right way! Every color has to compliment and feed off the other color! #FashionRule 

Sometimes you have to see the whole look together, and then add or remove what looks good or what clashes! It won't always work! Just know sometimes less is more! 

I also added a nice white Tuxedo Blazer from Forever 21, to finish the look! The dress was from Forever 21. I warmed up with a Hollywood Tan Fur Coat by Jordache. 

The 2nd Look was just a simple look for church. The Holidays are approaching so red is a primary color that is just perfect for the season! 

I fed my look off my red booties, I found my favorite red patterned button down shirt that I hadn't worn since last winter. This shirt was worn in the First Fashion Blog I ever wrote. 

The button down is red and purple with gold buttons. It's the perfect patterned blouse to mix and match with other patterns! 

I added a green necklace for a color contrast. 

I added a dark solid navy color pant from JCPenney just because I wanted a dark pant to complete my look, but any color could have been used. I preferred a black tailored pant, but my navy pant was what I had available at the moment. 

I finished the look with a tan Forever 21 tuxedo blazer which finished the look perfectly!

I used the same silver accessories from the night before because they complimented the look best! Plus I just loved the way they looked on me! 😉 

Thanks for tuning in!!! Your support is appreciated! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Solange Knowles Announces the Release of Her Self Designed Puma Sneaker!

Hello Fashion Lovers!!! Today in Fashion News... Solange Knowles announces the launch of her New Sneaker Line! The fashion guro/Music Artist shared photos on her Music Label Instagram page, for a new Puma sneaker line!!! Not much of a sneaker fan... But I'm down to rock a pair of these!!! I'm loving the usage of vibrant colors, neons, and bold patterns!!! Rock out Solange!!! Keep it coming!!!  

In her own words, she captioned her photos, with these words, "After years of art directing my own projects and visuals, including music videos, photo shoots, album artwork and web content among many others, I am extremely excited to announce that I am now able to apply my passion for all things design into my new roll as an Art Director for the iconic PUMA!!!" 

She continues to describe her plans for the new line, and shares photos of 2 out of 4, of her friends that inspire her for puma and 

Read more about what she had to say here... and check out the Shoe Line! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Check Out Some Of Our Favorite Celebrity and friendsHalloweenCostumes!!!

Meelah Lead Singer from 90s RnB Group 
702 as A Black Swan. On her way to Fashion Designer Reco Chappel's Annual Halloween Party in Atlanta. 

Brittany Roberts from Illinois as a 70s Hippie Chick! 

Kendal Joy, child actress and Pageant Princess from Nashville as Beyonce! 

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa from Live with Michael and Kelly as Kanye West and Kim Kardasian. 

Ellen Degeneras on The Ellen Show as Nicki Minaj.

Actress Taraji P. Henson as Cat Woman. 

Fashion Moguls Jay from Americas Top Model and Fashion Stylist/Designer as Queen Elizabeth. 

Instagram phenomenal @iamdanisong redid the whole Kanye performance look! While her friend brought to life Kim Kardasian.

Fashion Designer, Angela Simmons, who is also Hip Hop Icon Rev Run's daughter, dressed as Indian Princess Pocohontos. 

Rapper TI's new Artist Iggy as Cruella Deville. 

Actress Naya Rivera as Carmen Sandiego.