Monday, October 19, 2015


Hello Fashion Lovers!!!

Chattanooga Fashion Week 2015, was an AMAZING experience and we ENJOYED every minute of it! 

It was great to be introduced to all the new Fashion Lines from surrounding areas! 

To experience Tennessee Vol Nation with the People of Knoxville, who came to support Gage Talent Agency, was also an experience! 

What Fashion Event have you been to that plays the Tennessee game??? #VolsNation 

Oh not to mention the Fashion line that had All Orange Everything!!! Lol 

Most of all, sharing this experience as Sisters and Business Partners, We enjoyed each others presence for sure! 

With LaShan being in college, it was great to spend her Fall Break, doing something we Love, as Sisters! 

Memories we will never forgot, and can always say we experienced together! 

Check out the Flicks from this Fabulous event below:


Thanks Friends for Sharing Our Experience of Chattanooga Fashion Week!!!

Until next year! 
XOXO!!! 💋
Edwina LaShan