Sunday, February 21, 2016

STREET STYLE SATURDAY!!! Supporters Appreciation!

Happy 3rd Bloggerversary Edwina LaShan!!! 

Edwina LaShan is celebrating 3 years today! 

All we can say is, managing a Blog is not the easiest task, especially when you juggle work, school, and a personal life!
It can definitely be hard! You want to do so much... but at the same time you have  to take it one day at a time...

Edwina LaShan has been established for three years. Three long years, of blood, sweat and tears. Well, not exactly, but we have had our ups and downs.

Being successful and making your dreams become a reality is all about time and balance! Everything won't be perfect, but we will make it as perfect as it can be for Our Own Liking and to Our Supporters Who Continue to Support! 

Edwina LaShan tries to give the people what they like to see, and keep them engaged. 

We want to acknowledge our fan base, every chance we get, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way! 

Everything can't always be perfect, and that is the importance of growth and patience! 

In the past three years, Edwina LaShan has grown and changed a lot! 

When we first came up with the concept of creating Edwina LaShan, it was about showing off our own Personal Style but since the beginning, it has grown into so much more! 

Edwina LaShan is about Empowerment! Inspiring others to be themselves and Pursuing their own dreams!

People always believe that when they share their dreams with someone else, it will be a bad decision because the next person will take their ideas! Tis true!

But at the same time you can look at yourself as a trendsetter! Someone who opened the door for vision! Someone who made others believe in themselves and their dreams! 

A person can try their best to mimick you and your vision but yet can never be you. 

The way any one person does something, can never be executed the same way you execute your vision. 

You are you, and that's what makes you so unique! How you do things, is how you do things! 

Often Imitated but never duplicated!!! 

Edwina LaShan is so much bigger than us, Al'leta LaShan and Marquita Edwina! 

Edwina LaShan is about dreaming and creating your own path!!! 

With that being said... We will like to acknowledge some of our recent participants of Street Style Saturday! 

Although, we would love to write a blog everytime we feature a new face, time doesn't permit us the opportunity. That doesn't mean we acknowledge someone more or less, it's just that, it's hard to balance careers, life and blogs sometimes, with only 4 hands! 

So here we go! Introducing Our Street Style Saturday Features... 

All details and descriptions about each future can be found on @edwinalashan Instagram and Facebook page. 

Da Bran: @dabranconsulting

Jelinda: @sheisafashionblogger 

Ashlei Ford: @ashleiford  

 Masonya Osei: @mbodiment 

 J Shantrice: @modeljshantrice 

Shiniqua Cookie Craig: @cookieladi

Tierra Small: @_tierra_leone 

Amanda DeBerry: @amandadeberrytv 

Lyquita Howard: @lylyhoward

Jasmin Smith: @jasmin2jazzy 

Hair Stylist April Walker: @acechic1982 

Al'leta LaShan: @edwinalashan 

DaNietra Hall: @fairyglammother 
Daughter Actress: Kendall Joy 

Lorean Mays: @theesophisticatechronicles

BeBe Gustus @bebegustus 

Catana Jones: @truebeauty_tn 
Brittny Davis: @est.6.21

Catana Jones:  @truebeauty_tn

Marissa Gaston: @marissaleagaston

Andre Robinson @let_dre_style_you 

George Johnson @khaleel227 

Kierra James: @_yingg_

Sarah Ward: @suteki_sarah

Kierra James: @_yingg_ and Cam: @kingcvm_

Marcus Fairbanks: @moneysoprano 

Marquita Edwina Ector: @edwinalashan 

Fashion Designer Christina Allana: @christianallana 

Tony Lounds: @tonylounds 

Jasmin Smith: @jasmin2jazzy
Porsha Torregano: @goldeylocs

Taria-ann Verburgt: @survivoronstilettos 

Al'leta LaShan @edwinalashan 

Michka Johnson: @jadore_mdior 

Jerry Bennett: @mrconfidence17

Shayla Jackson: @sjacks423

Jessica Jones: @sexyjess
Marquita Edwina Ector @edwinalashan
Jerry Bennett: @mrconfidence17
Michka Johnson: @jadore_mdior 
Shayla Jackson: @sjacks423

Porsha Torregano: @goldeylocs
CT @richwayct 

Brandon "Da Bran" Davis: @dabranconsultant 

Brittny Davis: @est.6.21

Veatrice Conley: @styledbyboomchic

Ramona McKoy: @s2nBoutique 

Marquita Edwina Ector @edwinalashan

Edwina LaShan: @edwinalashan

Thanks again to everyone who makes Edwina LaShan all that it is!!! Thanks for spreading the word!!! Thanks for willingly participating! Thanks for genuinely caring and wanting to see other like minded people win! We LOVE YOU!!! And appreciate each and every one of you with all our hearts!!! -Edwina LaShan 

It's a Movement! 

2016... It's more to come! 

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