Monday, April 29, 2013

"Good morning!" #FashionOnTheDaily

"Style is A Way of Saying Who You Are... Without Having to Speak..." Rachel Zoe

Fashion Courtesy:
Dress: JCPenney
Pumps: Kohls Candie's
Photography: Dewayne Johnson
Stylist: Marquita Ector

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Loving this Bohemian Look!!! #FashionOnTheDaily

Bohemian Fashion is really becoming a Fashion Hit! Check out this fun and playful bohemian look! Just in time for summer! #Purple #Bowties #Cream #BabyBlue #PurpleStrapPurse #CorkSandals

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Color Blocking Fun! "Fashion On the Daily"

Here are some cool colors to Color Block with this Spring and Summer!

Green, Navy and Coral!

Green blouse with navy outlines! Coral trouser pants! Gold accesories with black and white pocka dot studs!

Perfect Look for Spring!


Blouse from JCPenney's

Coral pants actually a jumpsuit from Target.

Gold Pumps from Target

Clutch from JCPenneys

Earrings Thrifted

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"SUNDAYS BEST!!!" #HappySunday "FashionOnTheDaily"

Happy Sunday Fashionistas!

I am still a firm believer that the church has the BEST styles! Some of the BEST concepts in Fashion were created in the Church! Plus you don't have to worry about seeing too much exposed skin, instead, it's just good ol' put together classy fashion! 😍

In this particular post, I am sporting a red boat neck, Middle Eastern inspired dress. The embellishment is what represents the Middle East so well. The embellishments are gold studs that border the frame of the dress.

I added wedge bootie heels to compliment the black coal color of my hair.

I simply added gold studded vintage earrings and a gold pearl bracelet to add a classic vintage pop.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just a Little POP of Fashion! "Fashion on the Daily" #FashionIsMyPassion

Edwina is rocking a Classic Pop look!

Read below to see how she accomplished this look...

To pull this look off, I started off with a simple two-directional diagonal stripe, tan and black button down blouse from the thrift store. For only $2. This particular abstract blouse plays with the eye and draws attention.

To accent the top, I have chosen an acid washed out jean for the bottom .These jeans can be purchased from JCPenneys for no more than $20.

To give off a fashionable, yet classy look perfect for a boss.

A colored blazer was added to give a pop of color.

My choice color for my blazer is fuschia, which just so happens to be my favorite color. You can also achieve this look with any color blazer you prefer.

To finish the look, black glasses were added and royal blue booties from Dillard's for $20.

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Fashion on the Daily" #FashionIsMyPassion

We are Loving this Retro Geometrical piece! #AllWhite #WithASpeckOfColor #Peplum Perfect for Spring and Summer!!!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

"Fashion on the Daily" #FashionIsMyPassion

We are loving this #AfricanInspired piece! #EdwinaLashan #Prints #FittedDress #Green #Orange #African #Silk #Glamour

Photo Credits: Pinterest

"Fashion on the Daily" #FashionIsMyPassion

We are loving this BoHo look these girls are ROCKING! #NaturalHair #FlowySkirts #FloralPrint #SheerSkirt #TailoredPants #MCHammerPants #BlueJeanButtonDown #SheerButtonDownTieUpBlouse #BoldColors #BrightColors

You too, can pull off these looks with the right pieces, but with different prints or solid color pieces if you would like! It's just that simple! Perfect look yet so simple to pull off! Did we forget to mention, FUN??? 😍🌻😉

Photo Credit: Pinterest

"Fashion on the Daily" #FashionIsMyPassion

Not really a fan of Toms but these are HOTT!!! Loving the splashed paint look!!! This goes to show that although a certain brand or kind of shoe isn't something you may be interested in, dont put it on the back burner, you may just find a particular style that fits your personality! We would definitely rock these! U can rock them with a nice pair of skinny jeans, any color, MC Hammer pants, Capris, or a cute pair of shorts that compliment the colors! Toms are perfect for Spring and Summer weather! #EdwinaLashan

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Fashion on the Daily" #FashionIsMyPassion

Oh em GEE!!! Do we LOVE us some Solange Knowles! Look at her rocking her natural hair with her Fashionable patterns and bold colors!!! No one can Rock the trending Patterns better than Solange herself! We love the fact that she has no problem mixing and matching patterns! We also love the fact that she pays tributes to African culture and fashion! Rock out Diva Solange!!! This pant suit is beautiful and definitely in for the Spring! She has definitely come into her own! A true inspiration to #EdwinaLashanFashionBlog!

"Fashion on the Daily!" #FashionIsMyPassion

African Fashion is in! Many celebrities are paying homage to African Fashion, such as Beyonce and Solange! Preferably we love Nigerian Fashion! Only because it is the African Fashion we see the most credit paid to. This elegant piece speaks volumes as it gives high fashion and glamour at its best!

Spring 2013 Colors for the Season

Every season has colors, trends and styles that change with the weather! Fashion experts keep the consumer up to date with these colors and styles as the weather changes! Here are the colors that were chosen as the "it" colors this spring!

The colors are in order as seen:
Linen, Lemon Zest, Nectarine, Poppy Red, African Violet, Emerald, Tender Shoots, Grayed Jade, Dusk Blue, and Monaco Blue.

It's hard to believe "Mint Green" didn't make the list, but its definitely one of our fav under the radar colors for spring and an all around color!

Color Report: Courtesy of

Photo Sources:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's SPRING!!! Spring has SPRUNG Glamour Spring 2013: Most Wearable Looks

Spring 2013's Most Wearable Fashion Trends: Fashion:

Bermuda Shorts:

Bermuda shorts have been trending for quite some time now. What's so cool about them is that there are so many different ways to rock them! In these particular looks u have the jean Bermuda with a solid white, the floral Bermuda or the splash of color suit Bermuda short! Bermudas scream fun and comfortable! Rock a Bermuda short with a pump, a flat shoe or even a combat boot and u are set!

Black and White:

Who doesn't love the classic black and white??? Black and white trends all year long!!! In the fall, in the winter, why not spring and summer? Black and white are just those colors you can never get enough of! Woo! ;-) What we like most about these looks is the mix of patterns! There is something that screams BOLD but chick with the 3rd look! Very fashion forward! Rock out!

Peek-a-Boo Pieces:

It's very rare that you find the perfect sexy cut out or peek-a-boo trend for you, but when you do, u fall in love instantly! Not particularly a fan of all of these cut out looks, but that doesn't exclude the trend! The 3rd look would be a fav out of the three. Glamour reports that the runway was filled up with sheers, splits, and sexy cut out pieces! This would be great on a summer night out with the girls! These pieces in brighter colors, would be perfect and daring, for the spring!


Sunglasses are always in!!! This spring brighter colored frames are trending! Bold colored frames, pastel colored frames, and bright color frames! This is perfect for spring bling trip with your girls or the perfect pool party!


Oh boy!!! Do we LOVE stripes!!! Stripes have been trending for a couple of years now! And the best thing about it, is that you can almost find them everywhere now! What's better than the perfect stripe suit, shirt, dress or blazer??? The fun thing about stripes is that you mix and match it with just about any solid color or print! You can even do big stripe and litlle stripe contrast! The key is to make sure the all around fit compliments you and the piece you are trying to contrast it with! Be careful! It's simple to mix and match, but it definitely has to flow! If you have to 2nd guess yourself, it's probably not the right flow! Fashion is supposed to be fun and simple not a headache!

Luxe Leather:

Depending on where you stay it may or may not be too late for this trend! In February, this was definitely the look to go with! Nothing is more sexy than a chick in leather! Leather comes in different colors and shades so its definitely not a problem for anyone to rock these looks!

Beautiful Beading:

Of course spring brings to you Flowy winds, why not also bring flowy wear!? These looks are all about embellishment and bold colors! On the catwalk there were influences from India, The Middle East, and Russia! So you got lots of bedazzle! We love are bright colors so this is like candy to the eye! This is exactly what fashionistas look forward to when they get ready for Spring Fashion!
The first look definitely gives life! 😉 there is just something about that ocean blue! Breathtaking!

Short Suits:

These suits are perfect for a spring shopping day! They give you flirty but about your business! I wouldn't recommend these being worn in the office, but they do demand power on a day out for lunch or on the red carpet!

Sporty Dresses:

Sport Dresses are a spring trend on the catwalk. It definitely has to be the right sporty dress to make you keep your femininity without looking TOO masculine!
Accessorizing is definitely a must with these looks!

Flats and Lo Heels!

There is definitely nothing wrong with the perfect ballet slipper flat for the spring season! How about the patten leather flat dress shoe! The 90s pointy heel trend is back! Not really a fan, but its back! Here are a few looks at the lo heels that are trending on a day out! That doesn't mean pack up your stilettos when having a night out! This trend is for daytime events!

Well... That sums up our overview of Glamour's Spring 2013 Fashion highlight! Stay tuned for more Spring Fashion Updates!...

Spring 2013's Most Wearable Fashion Trends: Fashion:

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Edwina LaShan always love to spotlight and show fashion in new trendy ways. So to you I introduce "Sweet Tee No Sugar" ! It's a t-shirt design company for any organization, Greeks, school spirit, and any other group who would love to get shirts done ! Absolutely love the idea ! A local Chattanoogan, Shayla Hudgins ! Most def. had to spotlight the business and definitely can catch me rocking the sweet tee ! Make sure you contact Sweet Tee No Sugar, for your next moment were you need a sweet tee !

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Meet The Bloggers" #FashionIsMyPassion #EdwinaLashan

Meet the Editors and Stylist of "Edwina LaShan" Fashion Blog...

Al'leta LaShan Ector is the youngest daughter of Edward and Carolyn Ector. She was born August 18, 1995 in Chattanooga, Tn.

Al'Leta aka LeLe is a Junior at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences. She is a member of Chattanooga Urban League Young Professionals.

Al'leta's Fashion background includes being a Teen Model for the 1st Annual Chattanooga Fashion Week, in Chattanooga, Tn.

She is also the voice of representation for the school as the current Teen Reporter for Brewer Broadcasting, WJTT, Power 94, a local RnB/HipHop station in Chattanooga, Tn.

Those who listen know her as, "Your Girl Leta!" Al'Leta has a Passion for Fashion! She believes, "Style itself; is an evolution!"

Marquita Edwina Ector is the second to youngest daughter of Edward and Carolyn Ector. She was born October 22, 1983, in Chattanooga, Tn.

Marquita is a graduate of Tennessee State University with a Bachelors of Sciences degree in Mass Communications, with an emphasis in Radio and Television media.

Marquita is very familiar with the World of media, fashion, and modeling. Marquita was a former intern at Brewer Broadcasting. She has taken courses in Fashion Design, as well as having experience in being an aspiring model.

She has participated in Chattanooga Fashion Week, and Ephesians Hair Show to name a few, as a featured model.

Marquita has always had a love for fashion since she was a teenager , with dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer all while designing her own High school Prom Dresses.

Marquita has an eye for Glam and she knows how to pick, a good quality piece,with the bare eye!

The name of the Blog derives from the two sister's middle names.

Ladies and Gentleman, We introduce to you...

"Edwina LaShan"