Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We ❤ June Ambrose! We ❤ Turbans! And We ❤ Shoes!!! Check out Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose and her New Footline!!!

Celebrity Stylist, June Ambrose, is definitely under the Fashion Radar with her Vibrant, bright, Color Blocking style and her trendy turbans!

Best known for her reality show, that premiered on VH1 last Spring, 2012.

June is known for styling celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Zoe Saldana and the list could go on and on...

June recently lunched her new spring footwear line on HSN.

We love June Ambrose and we are very inspired by her daily style! Looking forward to more from this Fashion Diva!!!

Follow her on Instagram for more updates @juneambrose On twitter @juneAmbrose and on her website www.juniverse.com

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Favorite 2013 Kids Choice Awards Looks

The 2013 Kids Choice Awards was a huge success. Specially, for the young teens and adults who look absolutely amazing walking the ORANGE carpet. The floor of my favorite looks goes to: (Left to Right)

•Zendaya ,from Disney's Shake it Up, looked amazing in a pastel splatter print skirt with a light-ocean blue sweater and a bedazzled collar as a beautiful accessory to bring out the pop of the sweater. And a small watch and beaded brown bracelet as arm candy. Plus, 1960's frame glasses with a pink tint on the lens.Of course we can't forget the shoes! Brownish wrapped cage shoes that wrapped around the ankles. For a classic vintage pop look !

•Peyton List, from Disney's Jessie, wore a fabulous look with short-sleeve black half top. Accented with black and white diagonal print lines. And to add some pop, bursting red pointed high heel shoes. Instead of accessories, pulled hair into a high ponytail with a black screechy to bring out a beautiful facial structure. Peyton definetly rocked the night !

•Fivel Sterwart, Sister of Twilight Saga star BoBo Stewart/Singer/Actress, looked amazing rocking it in white. With a long, collar- button down, see through white dress, and a tailored black belt to accent. Of course an amazing outfit couldn't go wrong with a pop of color. A deep red, simple pump and smokey eye make up to really make the outfit flow. And accessories like junky-brackets for arm candy and a silver small-bow tie necklace. Giving a modern vintage classic look. Which I absolutely LOVE !

•Caroline Sunshine, from Disney's Shake it Up, did a vivid pop look where every detail was absolutely amazing. Starting simple smokey eye then with a gold studded collar, into a black short-sleeve slit opening around the collar. Also a black studded belt around the waist that compromise the horizontal agua-blue and black stripped fitted skirt. Then a beautiful black clutch to tone down the look and a golded sparkle heels with a canary yellow bow on the tips of both shoes. Miss Sunshine is surely shaking up things with this gorgeous look !

These fashion divas are surely eye catching and jaw dropping with these amazing looks ! Check back to Edwina LaShan fashion blog for more insight to your everyday hottest looks. --LaShan

Photo cred: http://www.justjaredjr.com/tags/2013-kids-choice-awards/?ref=topposts

Fav Looks on the Kids Choice Awards Purple and Orange Carpet

The 2013 Kids Choice Awards was held last night, Saturday, March 23. Here are a few of our Favorite looks!!! The kids and young adults Rocked out and gave us exactly what we wanted... FUN, VIBRANT COLORS and LIFE!!! Enjoy!!! ;-) -Edwina

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Patterns here!!! Patterns there!!! Patterns EVERYWHERE!!! Solange Knowles Rocks Her New EP cover! 🍄🌻🌞

We, at Edwina LaShan, are truly inspired by this solo star!!! Solange Knowles represents fashion as a whole with this Fashion forward photo.

Although this photo was uploaded on her facebook fan page, for her sit down interview with creator of her new "TRUE" EP artwork, Mickalene Thomas. The patterns of the interior design and the fashion, Solange is wearing, is everything to us!!!

Patterns are definitely the new "IT" factor in Fashion right now! And to mix it all up pays tributes to everything fashion is! Art on the body! It reminds us of the style our mom used to rock in her young adult days in the 60s and 70's.

Thanks Solange!!! For the lovely flashback paying tribute to our Fashion roots!!! No one better to Rock it then you!!! #KUDOS #MUAH

Also, thanks Opening Ceremony Blog for the sneak peek of the EP cover!!!

Credits: Mickalene Thomas Artwork, Solange TRUE EP, Opening Ceremony Blog


Friday, March 22, 2013

We LOVE accessories!!! #ALLGoldEVERYTHING

Accessories for Our Featured Look Includes:

Earrings: ThriftStore Find 50 cents. #Vintage #Pop #Gold #Chic #Clip-ons

"Interesting Fact": We have found that some of the cutest stud earrings are clip-ons!

So if you want a really cute stud earring and can't find them with a piercing post, try a clip-on earring! It may pinch a little, but if you can stand a little pain...

Go for it!!! Remember Fashionistas: "Pain is Pleasure! in Looking good!!!"

Clutch/IPad Case: JCPenneys; 5 dollars #Gold #Glittery #Big

Necklace: Forever 21; under 5 dollars

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Different Ways to Wear Your Neck Wear... "Fashion On A Daily"

Hello Fashionistas!!!

Here are 3 different ways to change this particular look up with neckwear! Fun, fun, fun!!! Every neckwear can pull off a different fashion style! You can go for Rocker, Chic or Classic Bowtie! A different look with the same fit! How u like me now??? Now... THAT's FASHION! TaaaaDaaaah!!! Magic!!! Fashionistas! 💋

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing Edwina LaShan... "Fashion on a Daily"

Every now and then... U may find it fun to mix and match something old with something new!

Or... Try Fashion's new "IT" thing to do mix and Match patterns!

Everyone who keeps up with Fashion, knows no one likes the matchy, matchy all the time anymore!

It's cool, to sometimes do matchy, matchy but if you are a dare devil try to mix up fun patterns!

In this featured style, we started off with a button down blouse that uses the colors purple and red with gold buttons. The pattern uses the shape of triangles. We decided to add a contrast with our favorite contrast pattern black and white vertical stripes.

Accessories included a gold skinny belt. Another fav of ours, the black bow tie! and BIG gold studded earrings! Also a Gold glitter clutch!

We finished the look with a Red Blazer which was the bring out color/eye catching color used in the blouse.

Due to the winter season we chose to use the under garment of tights or if one may prefer stockings they can be used as well.

The chosen shoe was the gold studded black flat bootie.

Blouse and shorts were purchased at JCPenneys Hamilton Place: 5 dollars. Bow tie purchased at M&J Shoes: 5 dollars. Blazer purchased at Thrift Store for 3 dollars. Boots purchased at M&J shoes 20 dollars. Accessories purchased at thrift stores or Jcpenney for less than 5 dollars. 😊

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Welcome! Sorry, its been a minute but we are back and coming stronger then ever. We are currently working and publishing a new series called "Fashion on a Daily" by Edwina LaShan.

 In this series, we will be describing simple and unique ways to look good on a lower budget; the type of looks you can pull together on a small and tight budget. This is our version of what extraordinary is and how we envision what fashion is.

Make sure you check out the blog on a regular basis and keep looking back for new, hot, fun, classy, and sassy styles/outfits you can try out on a daily basis, on a Night out with the girls, or just Saturday shopping. 

Ladies, and Gents, I present to you: