Wednesday, December 25, 2013

PRINCE: Style Icon, Singer, Actor, Musician, Writer, Producer, Husband, RockStar

Today, Our Style Icon is the Magnificitely Talented "Prince of Rock And Roll" Prince! 

Prince has been known for years for his ability to set trends in music, pop culture and fashion! So today we want to pay homage to his legacy! We love you Prince and we love EVERYTHING about your style! Check him out! But let's first learn a little about his career! 

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 7, 1958), known by his mononym, Prince is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. He has produced ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career. He has written several hundred songs and produces and records his own music for his own music label. He promoted the careers of Sheila E, Carmen Elecktra, The Time and Vanity 6! His songs have been recorded by these artists and others, including Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Sin√©ad O'Connor, and Kim Basinger. 

Prince has a wide vocal range and is known for his flamboyant stage presence and costumes.

In 1984, he began referring to his backup band as the Revolution and released the album Purple Rain which served as the soundtrack to his film debut of the same name. Which to this day is still a Classic Film! 

Prince was always known for his Gorgeous costumes and Fashion Forward style! He was known for purples,  leathers, ruffle blouses, and blazers!

Prince could also be found rocking a fresh set of shades! 

Much like the styles of today, Prince likes to mix prints! Below he mixes two types of polka dots which we absolutely adore and love!!! Not to overlook the fact that Prince is styling in his neck tie up blouse! 

Prince is well known for a tailored fit suit! You may even catch him in platform boots!

Prince has pretty much worn every hair style. From the Afro, sleek up Mohawk style to the silked out hair! 

Prince is also known for loving his diamonds and pearls for statement/signature jewelry! 

Prince has pretty much worn every color of the rainbow! We are loving him in this blue tailored suit and white button details! 

Check out what had to say about Prince below! 

#1.) Frilly shirts - More than Seinfeld and "Pirates of Penzance," the frilly shirt belongs to Prince. What other man could so effortlessly and unironically rock a puffy, be-ruffled blouse and still exude sex appeal? No one but Prince, that's who. Well, and Jimi Hendrix, who he was definitely influenced by…

#2.) Statement necklaces - Long before Carrie Bradshaw was rocking a nameplate necklace, Prince was sporting his own unpronounceable symbol (AKA "The Love Symbol") on a chain. He taught us that establishing and branding your personal style was as easy as draping some jewelry around your neck. Since its heyday in the '90s, the singer has put the symbol into semi-retirement, but don't think he's not still bringing it in terms of necklaces. 

#3.) Strong shouldered suits - For the '80s business woman inside us all, we can look to the gender-bending blazers of Prince's stage costumes with bold, angular shoulders. While this is certainly not an everyday style, there's a bit of Tilda Swinton-esque androgyny about these suits that we just love.

#4.) The color purple - Taylor Swift has red, Adele has black, and in the '90s, the singer with a royal-sounding name adopted purple as his signature shade. Some (not us) might say there are more masculine colors on the wheel, but damn that man pulls it off.

#5.) Kohl-rimmed eyes
 - The singer wants to be your lover, but we just want him to teach us how to perfect our eyeliner. Seriously, one human man should not have this much makeup game. Teach us your ways, Prince!

Introducing Our Style Icon, The Prince of Rock and Roll, The Billboard Music Award Icon, The Style Icon, The Trendsetter, The Sex Symbol, The Writer, The Producer, The Actor, The legend Prince Rogers Nelson! 


Monday, December 16, 2013

Beyonce Releases Her New Album via ITunes at Midnight!

"SURPRISE!!!" That's what Beyonce's Instagram photo caption read, when I checked her page to see, what all the hype was about, on Instagram! When I woke up, Friday morning, to check my Instagram and do my daily updates, many Instagram post on my timeline went on and on... about Beyonce releasing her new album through iTunes, unannounced!

Apparently Beyonce released the album early Friday morning, December 13, 2013, at Midnight! 

New Album Cover?

The post people updated were jokes about how Beyonce is the only one who could make such a bold mood! There was also a photo with all her RnB Female Competition going bald, because Beyonce made them rip there wigs off, because they were nervous! Smh 

I admit Beyonce is a bad Chick! But ripping wigs off is quite extreme! Lol There is no way I will pull my hair out due to another woman's success! If anything that would motivate me more! It would make me want to be more transparent to my fans as Beyonce has done with this new album! 

The albums goal was to show people a deeper look into who Beyonce's creative mind! She wanted to give people a look into her ideas and visions when she writes songs! 

That's where the concept of a visual album came up! The album includes 14 songs and 17 video visuals to go along with the songs! 

She decided to drop the album unexpectedly to not have critism and hype developed around the release of the album! She wanted it to promote itself! 

Job well done Beyonce she has already sold millions of copies with ITunes alone! 

Reviews have come back and she's getting a lot of good feedback! 

Congratulations Beyonce!!! And I can't wait to own, my own, personal copy! 

Check out the visual photos and wardrobe costumes from the album below! 

Beyonce and the World's Top Super Models! Rocking @31philliplim Leopard Peplum Jacket. 

Beyonce rocking Designer @normakamali in the #PrettyHurts video! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

TINA TURNER: Singer, Dancer, Songwriter, Actress, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, The Queen of Rock and Roll...

Today on Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog we Salute Our Fashion Icon, The Bullet, Tina Turner! 

Tina Turner is known for her mark in Music History, but not only was she a Remarkable Music Icon, she has also paved the way in Fashion History! 

Let's learn a little about Tina Turner first and foremost. Tina Turner was born November 26, 1939, as Anna Mae Bullock. She is a singer, dancer, actress, author, mom, wife, sister and daughter, whose career has spanned more than half a century earning her worldwide recognition and numerous awards! 

She began her musical career in the mid-1950s as a featured singer with Ike Turner's King of Rhythm, first recording in 1958 under the name "Little Ann". Her introduction to the public as Tina Turner began in 1960 as a member of the Ike & Tina Revue. 

Success followed with a string of notable hits credited to the duo, including "River Deep -- Mountain High" (1966), "Proud Mary" (1971) and "Nutbush City Limits"  (1973), a song which she wrote. 

In her autobiography, I,Tinashe revealed several instances of severe domestic abuse against her by Ike Turner prior to their 1976 split and subsequent 1978 divorce.

After her divorce from Ike Turner, she rebuilt her career through performances, though she initially struggled to make an impact on the music charts as a solo artist. 

In the early 1980s, she launched a comeback with another string of hits, starting in 1983 with the single "Let's Stay Together" followed by the 1984 release of her fifth solo album Private Dancer which became a worldwide success. "What's Love Got to Do", the most successful single from the album, was later used as the title of a biographical film adapted from her autobiography. 

In addition to her musical career, Turner has also experienced success in films, including a role in the 1975 rock musical Tommy and a starring role in the 1985 Mel Gibson blockbuster film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdomeas well as a cameo role in the 1993 film Last Action Hero.

One of the world's most popular entertainers, she is called "The Queen of Rock." 

Turner has been termed the most successful female rock artist, winning eight Grammys and selling more concert tickets than any other solo performer in history. She has also been named "one of the greatest singers of all time" by Rolling Stone. 

Rolling Stone ranked her no. 63 on their 100 greatest artists of all time. In 1991, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! 

Tina Turner, personally, impacted me as a little three year old girl! This was around 1986! The Private Dancer album came out in 1984! So this all makes sense now!

Lol I remember as a child, my mother constantly playing Tina Turner records around the house! I would dance and sing to, "What's Love Got To Do With It!", on FULL BLAST!!! 

Everything about this woman's voice was empowering and about a struggle! It made me feel strong and happy! Lol I felt like I was putting on a concert when I sung her records around the house!

I also remember everything about Tina Turners Fashion Style! She had the most interesting hair choice! It was wild, and crazy, but fun! Nowadays I look back, and realized her hair was a wig after watching her life movie. Who would have known? Lol 

But it was a BOLD wig! Her wig was BIG and BOLD just like her personality! It was LOUD like her voice! It was wild and crazy like her stage presence! Her wig was EVERYTHING that made up her personality! When Tina or whomever chose her hair choice, they were making a statement! This statement included everything about Tina as a Rock artist and a person! 

Not only did Tina capture my attention with her wig choice, she also captured me with her wardrobe choice! 

I could always capture Tina in a skin tight leather fitted catsuit or mini skirt! 

I may have caught her with glitter and glitz flapper dresses!

Whatever it was Tina had on, it would mark her as a Strong a Diva in my eyes! You couldn't dare catch Tina without a pair of high heel pumps to rise her to the occasion! And let's not forget her beautiful legs that showed off whenever she rocked her mini skirts and pumps! Tina single handlely made every woman in Entertainment step their game up when it came to working out! Her leg cave muscles are amazing! To die for! 

Tina is a big personality, and to this day everything about her looks capture her personality! Tina is strong, and she is sexy!

"While she wasn’t the first black woman to do so, Tina wore the blonde highlights to perfection. She made it ok for black women to work the rocker look unashamedly and as you know, her story is the epitome of strength and perseverance." -Blogger Madame Noir

Essence Magazine wrote, "From her iconic spiky, lioness head of hair to her penchant for sporting micro-minis, which put the spotlight on those world-famous gams that only get better and stronger with age, Tina Turner's sexy on-stage costumes have always been daring and fearless. With the help of larger-than-life designer Bob Mackie, for the last 30 years the Grammy Award winner has created a sultry signature look consisting of thigh-high slits, sequined dresses with plunging necklines, chains and feathers. Judging from her last world tour in 2008, this confident diva has no plans on scaling back on the sexy ensembles and 5 inch stilettos. At 70 years of age, Tina Turner continues to be a force to reckon with and a style inspiration for a legion of female performers today."

"Finally, she’s an influential fashion icon who is well known for her quote, “If you got it…Wear it!” -Fashion Blogger The Vintage Revivalist

All of these quotes go to show that Tina Turner is well in her rights to be labeled a Style Icon! 


Our Style Icon Tina Turner!!!