Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Edwina LaShan Presents to You... "COLOR P.O.P." P.urpose O.riginalityP.assion!!! ❤💄💋👠👗☀🌻🙏 Color POP: BirthdayEdition "0...8...1...8..." A. (Al'leta) Day!!!

"Yeah....It's Your Birthday!!! It's Your Birthday!!! If I die bury me inside the Clothing Store!!!" #2Chainz #EdwinaLaShanRemix

Ha, Ha! Welcome Back Guys!!!

Today, on Edwina LaShan, we are celebrating the Birthday of One of our Own Bloggers, Al'leta LaShan, who turned 18 on Sunday, August 18th!!!
She's officially legal!!! Lol Here are some looks we styled for the festivities!!! Enjoy!!! 

The Birthday Girl Al'leta LaShan is wearing a white, collar studded, button down blouse. Purchased at JCPenneys for as low as 4.99.

Marquita Edwina was an attendee at the Birthday events. She wore a sheer, black and white tuxedo, bodysuit blouse. This blouse was purchased at JCPenney for a low price.

Al'leta brought the POP to COLOR POP with this MTV inspired color block mini skirt! She is definitely screaming 80's MTV POP with this vibrant skirt! Purchased at Charlotte Russe.

Marquita added a POP of COLOR with her choice of Silk, Electric Blue, Wide leg trouser pants! Which she thrifted for as lower than 1 dollar! Thats right!!! Surprise! Surprise! These pants are in perfect shape, no stains and no holes, they just needed a new home! 😉 #ConsumerHappy 

To finish her look, Al'leta added a ROCKER CHIC blue jean, leather sleeve bomber jacket. Also purchased from JCPenney for a low price. 

Marquita added a White, Black Collar Tuxedo blazer to her look, to give off a Sophisticated and Elegant vibe. She wanted to feel "RICH" in "Nene Leakes" voice.

Al'leta kept her accessories simple, considering the embellishments in her blouse collar, she didn't need to add a necklace to create traffic jam. 

She added a simple watch, and a ring. She also wore leopard print stud earrings to give a wild party vibe, and to create a contrast in prints. 

Fashion Fact:

 You can always get away with mixing a good print if you know how to do it the right way! Everything has to compliment to the eye, if it doesn't feel right, or feels over done don't do it! It always helps to ask the opinion of someone just as much into fashion as you! They will never stir you wrong! Although sometimes you may not always see eye to eye. If it feels right do it! Take pics! And later you will look back and know whether you made the right choice! All fashion is, is a picture you are painting, sometimes we make mistakes, but you will never know unless you take the chance! Stay true to you!

Al'leta wore gold simple ballet slippers, which was perfect for her busy look! 

Marquita accessorized with "2 chains" literally! Lol She wanted a chunky necklace, so since she doesn't personally own 1, she created the illusion of 1! She used a rocker chic ball necklace, then she added a long RUN DMC 80's vintage   rope chain necklace! 

"Normally I stick with gold accessories, but this time I wanted to go with an accessory color that complimented the look more. Silver did the job!" -Marquita 

She added simple large pearl stud earrings,  because her neckline and the rest of her outfit were already speaking volumes, so the studs would tone it down some! 

Fashion Fact: 

Plus you never want to add long earrings with a necklace! Unless the two accessories are supposed to clash! It's been done before, but rarely does it come together nicely. 

Like this: This look worked very well for Sundays Best Jessica Reedy.

Marquita carried a gold clutch, which is normally a fashion no no! 

Rarely do people get away with mixing silver and gold, but lately jewelers have been making jewelry using the two metallics! In this case, Marquita did what she wanted! Lol Purchased at JCPenney for 5 dollars, its originally a tablet carrier. She uses it as a clutch.

 "I couldn't find my Black and silver clutch, so I took a chance, why not live??? It's just a handbag! It can't do too  much more damage than I have done before in fashion! Lol" - Marquita Edwina 

Marquita wore cream and tan, snake skin, open toe pumps purchased at Catos for $20.00. 

Thank you!!! Once again!!! For tuning into Edwina LaShan's Color POP!

You guys, give us the spirit and motivation to display our 

"P.urpose, O.riginality, and P.assion."

 We Thank You!!! 

Summer is coming to an end!!! But COLOR POP continues... Whats that??? Labor Day is coming up!!! 

Ok!!! We got you!!! 😉🙏❤👍👌

Stay tuned.... --Edwina LaShan

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