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WHITNEY HOUSTON: The POP Singer, The RnB Diva, The Actress, The Daughter, The Mother, The Sister, The POP Icon, The Remarkable Woman...

Born as Whitney Elizabeth Houston on August 9, 1963 in Newark, NJ it wasn't to long of a surprise that a star was born.
Coming from a Legendary gospel, soul, blues, pop, and rhythm artist family, her gift was soon discovered at the age of 9.

When she was eleven, she began performing at her church, The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark as a soloist of her church choir the junior- youth choir.

By the age of fifteen, she began singing background hits for various musicians.
Such as Chaka Khan in her single, "I am Every Woman!".

In the earlier 1980's, she began modeling and became one of the first African American women to appear on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. Also featuring in other magazines such a s Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

Even though she was modeling still she was recording multiple demo as and was offered various record deals, her mother denied them off, because Whitney first had to graduate high school.

In 1983, She signed with Arista records. Appearing along side of Davis on the Merv Griffin Show for the first time.

Later in 1984, she dropped her first single, "Hold Me", that took Whitney's career into a skyrocketed.

In 1985, she released her first official album, "Whitney Houston," that Rolling Stone Magazine raved about young Whitney being the most exciting new artist to listen for in years.

In that album, "You give Good Love" was a soft ballad giving the upmost praise as the leading song in the U.S.

Following in June of 1987, her second album, "Whitney," where her hit song, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" became the new hit on the hit charts. Taking over the radio, where Whitney Houston, definitely left her mark.

She became the first female in years to debut at number one on the billboard charts. In 1989, she created the Whitney Houston Foundation to support children financially around the world.

On November 1990, she released her third album, "I'm Your Baby Tonight." With collaborations from Stevie Wonder, Babyface, and many more bringing a whole different outlook on her music.

Later on January 27, 1991, she took the stage at Super Bowl singing the "Star Spangled Banner."

In 1993, Whitney's first film role was released titled, "The Bodyguard." The film later took controversy of its on. In conclusion, it did release one of the top soundtrack albums ever recorded. Featuring her most defining song, "I Will Always Love You."

Later, she became known known for many of her great films, "Waiting to Exhale", "The Preachers Wife", "Cinderella", and her latest film "Sparkle".

Whitney along side actresses Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, and Lela Rochan made this movie come to life with the excellent betrayals of Four friends struggling with the world of dating! The ladies have to lean on each other in order to get through.

The Waiting to Exhale soundtrack was also a success! Due to the collaboration of so many female RnB and Gospel artist successors motivated and Inspired by Houston, who were also very good friends of Houston such as Toni Braxton, Mary J.Blige, Chaka Khan, CeCe Winans to name a few. The Soundtrack was also written and produced by Babyface which we know whenever he gets his hands on something it already becomes GOLDEN!

On July 19, 1993, she married RnB singer, Bobby Brown. A year later giving birth to Bobby Kristina Houston. A child the couple both raised together until later splitting up.

On July 19, 1993, she married RnB singer, Bobby Brown. A year later giving birth to Bobby Kristina Houston. A child the couple both raised together until later splitting up.

After, a long retirement from around 2006-2012, Whitney Houston had returned and continued to work on returning to the stage. From her newest debut album, "I look to You."  She planned a comeback that would blow her fans out the water, in the music scene as well as the film scene, with the remake of an 80s classic, "Sparkle".

Unfortunately before the movie was set to hit the big screen, on February 11, 2012 while preparing for her Grammy appearances, Whitney Houston  was found unconscious in her Beverly Hilton Hotel. Whitney Houston passed on to the Heavens due to a submerged bathtub accident. 

Although Whitney is no longer here with us on earth, she will forever be in our hearts and we will forever pay tributes to the legacy she has left before us... 


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