Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Edwina LaShan Presents to You... "COLOR P.O.P." P.urpose O.riginality P.assion!!!❤🙏❤

"We're SOOO Sweet You Know You Wanna Lick The Wrapper!" The Color POP wrapper that is!!! Welcome Back...

To Edwina LaShan Color P.O.P.

"Fashion Fades but Style is Eternal!!!" -Yves Saint- Laurent 

Summer is almost over, but we know you didnt think we wouldn't ride with you til the Wheels Fall Off! Summer isn't quite over yet, and we are going to keep bringing you, "Edwina LaShan Color POP." P.urpose O.originality and P.assion.

This week, We chose to bring the prints out in full Max with Aztecs, Colors, and pattern blocks!!!

Al'leta LaShan is rocking a blue jean botton down shirt that she bleached out all on her own. She found the perfect blue jean blouse thrift shopping, she knew from that moment exactly what she wanted from this look.

Marquita Edwina is rocking a silk patterned blouse. The blouse entails beautiful and colorful vintage dish-ware.
Which was the perfect steal at a thrift store for as low as 50cents! She definitely robbed the cradle! 

Al'leta brought back 80's vintage with this beautiful aztec color block skirt! You can never go wrong digging in the back of your moms closet! Once again, another perfect steal! Momma knows best!

Now a girl loves her fair share of wide leg pants! Marquita Edwina is wearing Silk Purple Wide leg pants. The waistline is embroidered with a Aztec multicolored pattern! This is color block murder at its best! It's funny something so small can draw so much attention! These pants were as low as 50 cents at a local thrift store!

Al'leta LaShan chose to bring contrast in her accessories and tone down the colors, with a black and white courier necklace. She kept it simple and classic with white round big stud earrings. She is also wearing a purple watch, a marble grey bracelet, and her signature glasses. She added a brown weaved belt to add balance and texture to finish her look.

Marquita Edwina accesorized with Big Gold Studded earrings, a coral blue chunky necklace and an elegant pearl bracelet.

Al'leta is "Just Kicking It" laid back like 90s RnB group Xscape in her red keds! Definitely taking us WAAAY BACK with these!!! Everybody had to have owned a pair of Keds in the 90s!! And their back!!! 😉❤ Thanks KMart! 😉

Marquita Edwina finishes her look with colorful hawaiian inspired, flower patterned, cork wedge heels. The buckles up with ankle straps. These were purchased from Rugged Warehouse, where you can purchase brand new name branded items, for very reasonable low prices!


Thank you for tuning into Edwina LaShan's Color POP!

You guys, give us the spirit and motivation to display our 

"P.urpose, O.riginality, and P.assion."

 We Thank You!!! 

More Color POP .... Coming Soon!!! 

Stay tuned.... --Edwina LaShan

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