Tuesday, July 16, 2013

VANITY: The Rockstar, Fashion Icon, Diva, Nasty girl, Rebel, Actress, Model, Religious Figure/Evangelist and Author

Ladies and Gentlemen I reintroduce to you... Vanity, a fashion icon.

Born on January 4, 1958 as Denise Katrina Matthews better known as her stage name Vanity. 

Vanity began her career under guidance of musician, Prince. As the lead singer of music of her self named group Vanity 6.

The group, Vanity 6 took off and on to the chart with there hit single "Nasty Girl". After one album, Vanity decided to leave Vanity 6. A few songs for Vanity 6's proposed second album were created and later became bootlegs. 

A few years afterwards, Vanity signed with Motown Records. While being sign to Motown she released two albums: "Skin on Skin" and "Wild animal". 

From there, Vanity had became the new, explicit sex symbol or "nasty girl". Modeling twice in Playboy magazine, she had created a new persona. 

Her sex appeal, attitude, style of showing a lot by only showing just enough kept her audience guessing of whats next to come. 

From modeling to singing, she had become a symbol of being a wild animal. Next, was her hitting the screen in Motown produced 80's Classic movie, "The Last Dragon".

Later, she was released or left Motown no one is for sure. After years, signing and leaving record labels like, A&M Records and Greffen Records, Vanity began getting tired of the Party life.

After years of struggling with alcohol and substance abuse and a near death experience it was time to change her life around. After a kidney transplant, she retired from music, went to rehab, and began a strong and power relationship with God. 

Moving back to Canada and later renaming herself, D.D. Matthews. She then dedicated her life to being a evangelist and speaking at churches around the nation. Writing her on autobiograph, Blame it on Vanity, released in 2010. 

Vanity didn't leave the music of course with out leaving her mark. She has influenced many artist today like, 



Lady Gaga

Pink and Many more...

Thank you, Vanity for making a mark on fashion and creating a new style that is untouchable. 

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