Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today, Edwina LaShan Wants to Shout Out Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper and Fashion Blogger "Veatrice Conley" for Supporting Edwina LaShan!!!

We want to send a Huge Thank You to Memphis Born Fashion Designer Veatrice Conley! 

Who is Veatrice Conley? 

Veatrice Conley

CEO/ Lead Stylist of Boom Chic Consulting



Veatrice is a very fashion forward source as well as an inspiring fashion designer. Veatrice is currently working to launch two independent design houses: The Imperfect People Project and Regina James Collection. Veatrice also specializes in perfecting and personalizing style for individuals.

Edwina met Veatrice about a year ago when they were both participating in the First Annual Chattanooga Fashion Week. 

Edwina was very intrigued by Veatrice's 1 woman army, and the fact that she pulled off a whole line, all by herself! 

"She had an assistant, but I could tell this lady owned her work!" Edwina

"She caught my eye with her Regina James Fashion Line. The name alone was captivating! When I saw the work, all of the Vibrant and Bold colors! The usage of Hot Pinks, Yellows, Greens and Golds were enough to catch my eye! I knew from the First time laying eyes on "Regina James" I would definitely purchase and wear her garments!" Edwina 

Regina James is an emerging women's dress line named for Mr. and Mrs. James and Hellena Regina Conley, whom are the very loving and supportive parents of new designer, Veatrice Conley.


Envisioned in 2012, this collection genuinely represents true sophistication, unique chicness, and the union of a feminine day to night wardrobe.


"My dreams just keep growing larger than life itself! Regina James represents my passions, overall desire for personal achievement, and, most importantly, giving back to a past generation that paved a prosperous path on my behalf. Thank you Regina and James..."

Veatrice Conley

"I was actually hurt that I was late to Casting Calls, because I would have definitely ROCKED her line on the Runway!" Edwina

Months later, Edwina and Veatrice got together to talk Fashion!

 "Veatrice's drive and spunk motivated me in SOO many ways! She was down to earth and classy! She walked in with a Bonet hat on which I was blown away by, but she just blew it off, just to say she wore it to cover up her 'bad hair day' lol! It was nothing to her! Fashion was like her second nature!" Edwina 

Edwina and The Boom Chic, herself, reviewed some of her Spring Sketches and discussed the Spring Color Wheel! Edwina gave a little bit of tips, but Veatrice didn't need much, because her line was already gorgeous with or without the tips! Lol

What blew Edwina away SOOO much about Veatrice, was the Motivation she conveyed to Edwina! Edwina shared a few of her future dreams and goals and what Veatrice shared in response was, "Just Do It Girl!" 

She told Edwina to use her resources, even if it doesn't include a full time job, just show up and use the resources at hand! 

In return, Edwina did just that! Edwina LaShan fashion blog jumped off, just as we had planned for years!

LaShan became a Teen Reporter for Brewer Broadcasting! 

And Edwina has been working on her talents! 

We appreciate Veatrice Conley for this!!! Last night, Veatrice shouted out the Fashion Blog Sister Duo on her Boom Chic Facebook page and we also appreciate her for just that! Thank you Veatrice Conley!!! 

Check her out!!! 

Regina James 
Veatrice Conley
Chi Photography

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