Monday, July 22, 2013

Edwina LaShan Presents to You... "COLOR P.O.P." P.urpose O.riginality P.assion!!!

This summer Edwina LaShan is taking a whole new meaning to Color POP. With fabulous fashion ideas and creativity. 

POP is Edwina LaShan's: 
P.assion O.riginality and P.urpose. 

This is Part 1. 

Al'leta LaShan, one half of Edwina LaShan, is wearing a 2-tone canary yellow 2-piece tailored suit. The suit consists of wide pocket tailored yellow shorts accent with a thin woven brown belt to add a neutral pallet.  

Marquita Edwina, the other half of Edwina LaShan is wearing a deep fuschia pink tailored pants with the accent of a gold skinny belt. Also, a simple gold accented pearlbraclet and a turquoise color jeweled ring to make the colors POP with elegance and style.  

Al'leta LaShan is rocking a sheer see-through white button down two-pocket shirt to accent the coral blue beach inspired jeweled necklace. And rolled up sleeves to bring out the details of the blouse. 

Next Marquita Edwina is wearing a black and white polka dot sheer button down, sleeveless collar blouse. 

As you know we love our prints! So adding a simple polka dot print brings out the bold colors of the deep fushcia pink and a royal blue basic pump brings the outfit vibe together. 

Of course, how can we forget about Al'leta's shoes?!?! 

Al'leta is Wearing a black and white splash print cage wedge shoe to add some POP to the summer suit.

Marquita is mixing the outfit up, by adding a coral pink blazer to bring the outfit a new prospective. 

Al'leta does the same. With both looks you can mix and match the blazers to give a whole different feel and look!

We at Edwina LaShan feel every outfit can bring a new meaning with just a move of taking away or adding new pieces.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories! By adding a black and white courier necklace to bring attention to the polka dots. The contrast gives the polka dots more movement, and shape. 

Of course, adding 1980's simple black wide frame glasses go absolutely perfect with the POP lipsticks and POP look.  

Now you are set to GO!!! 

These looks are perfect for a Saturday Day Out on the Town with Your Girls for lunch or a Night out with the Girls! 

Its also just perfect for a Sunday morning at church. 

The yellow suit could be perfect for a business day at work or minus the blazer perfect for a beach day! 

We present to you Edwina LaShan Color POP!


Thank you for tuning into Edwina LaShan's Color POP!

You guys, give us the spirit and motivation to display our 

"P.urpose, O.riginality, and P.assion."

 We Thank You!!! 

Color POP part 2.... Coming Soon!!! 

Stay tuned.... --Edwina LaShan

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