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"It Was All A Dream..." New Style Post: Edwina LaShan

Today, March 19, 2014, is Edwina LaShan's 1 Year Anniversary! When we started this blog, it was all out of fun and to give SOOO many people who have told us they like our style, an easy access look book. We wanted people to see some of Our Fashion inspirations, Fashion Secrets, and Fashion Motivations, so that we can help people, also learn, how to create their own personal fashion style! 

We wanted people to receive Fashion Motivation in us, so that they can see that they too can be beautiful, from the inside out, without having to spends tons of money doing it! As long as you know exactly what look you are looking for, and go for a good, long lasting, quality, you can get good items for a little of nothing. It's as simple as that! It's not in the price of the item, it's in the output! As long as you display a look that looks rich, and carry yourself with class, that is exactly what the people will receive! 

Edwina LaShan has gotten SOO much bigger than that! Its now a push of confidence, for people who didn't have it before! It's a channel to bring people from all races, all sizes, all ages, together through the love of fashion! We feature other women who have confidence, but we also feature women who never were told they were beautiful or never had the chance to be in front of a camera as a top model! Edwina LaShan has grown... And we will continue to grow! The ride has just started...

Tribute Tuesday Style Icons: OMG!!! The Style Icon Segment has been legendary!!! It has been such a blessing to be able to learn about women and men that we already knew of to be style icons! (The Popular Style Icons) But to learn of Icons that aren't so popular and to read on how they got started with their passion of fashion and their careers, is truly amazing! Many of these people didn't start with a support system, but it was some greater force that pushed them into being who they were, and made them passionate in whatever their passion was! That greater force couldn't have been nothing but God!

Street Style Saturday: Every Saturday we try to feature Real People Style from the Streets! These are the people who create style! Every style is different is unique in its own way! These are the type of styles that we adore! Fashion is all about painting a Fashion Canvas on your body! Your unique style is what sets you apart from the crowd! Thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen who have allowed us to feature them! 

Thank you GOD!!! We thank you for installing into us the vision and the passion to want to create Edwina LaShan, we thank you for allowing us to see one year!!! We thank you that you gave us the drive, when times got hard, and we bickered, to keep going...

We Thank you for the doors that have been open through Edwina LaShan and we Thank you for the many doors that are still to be open! Nobody but you Jesus!

Like our business card reads, "I can do All Things to Christ That Strengthens Me..." We trust in your word full heartily. Thank you God for the Vision! 

To Our Loyal Readers and Supporters!!! Thank you!!! We appreciate you!!! Remember... We do this for you!!! This is just the beginning!!! 1year+....

Thank you to My Best Friend Lorean Mays! For the Sister Chat! This Chat has humbled me as a Woman who inspires! Thank you for choosing MEE! Thank you for being that woman I can look up to, and say, "Hey! Lorean's doing it! I can do it too!" You are a very inspirational young lady! You have achieved SOOO much! And every bit of it, is motivational! Keep doing you Shawty! And thank you, for involving me on the ride! Thank you for the words of encouragement! Thank you for believing in me, when I didn't even believe! Love you My Lor!!! -Edwina 

Thank You Shayla Jackson! For Believing in the Edwina LaShan Fashion Styling Vision! I may have one customer! But you better believe that is one LOYAL customer! Lol Thank you for being patient, and going out on a limb! I know my styling may be daring from time to time, and we may not have much to choose from, but you best to believe, I'm going to get you right!!! Looking forward to working with you more!!! Oh and Curvy Girls are the ISH!!! 💋❤️💋 Love ya Hun! xoxo- Edwina

Morgan of Fredonia Boutique! Thank you for allowing us to come into your Boutique to do Our Thang! We truly appreciate it! People like you, prove to us that there is still love in the world! And genuine people do still exist, Good people are not extinct! Thank you! 

To ALL of Our Family and Friends!!! Thank you for supporting!!! SOO many to name... But you know who you are!!! We LOVE YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! Xoxo!!! 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

Edwina LaShan is "Two Sisters who have a love for fashion and are taking their knowledge and sharing it with the world." 

Edwina LaShan is ALL of US!!!

In honor of Our Anniversary, we Present to Our Readers... "It Was All A Dream..." 

Edwina, of Edwina LaShan is wearing a jumpsuit dress by "I ❤️ RONSON" by Charlotte. This designer has a line at JCPenney! The material is a black and white tweed. Tweed is a Classic textured material that has been used for years! It was more popular in the 90s! But it's definitely making its way back in many fashionistas closets! This piece was as low as $9.97. 

Underneath the Tweed Jumpsuit she chose to go with a Classic white button down. She chose the color white to allow the other pieces to do all the talking! 

Edwina added a mustard yellow, textured rose, vest to help seal the look! Almost to give a pop of color. What's so unique about this vest, is that it's made from a crush velvet material. The velvet is designed to look like little bitty roses! This vest was also purchased at JCPenny. 

Edwina finished the look with a beautiful hot pink jewel necklace from Dillards. And Jessica Simpson Heels from Dillards that she caught at the end of season sale for as low as 17 dollars each. 

LaShan is wearing a Houndstooth Jacket by Takara from Dillards for as low as 15 dollars! She caught this jacket at the fabulous in of season sale! 

Her red wine Blouse, she is wearing, is a Thrifted item for as low as 1 dollar. She is wearing a black, peplum, pencil skirt, from Charlotte Russe, for 5 dollars. 

The statement necklace she is wearing, to finish her look is from Charlotte Russe, which she purchased on the 2 for 10 deal! Her tan Oxford shoes are from M&J shoes! For as low as 12 dollars! 

LaShan puts in WERK!!! 

Thanks for Tuning in Peeps!!! Happy 1 year Birthday Edwina LaShan!!! 

You can check out More Pics from this inspirational and motivational Black History Month shoot on our Instagram @edwinalashan! 
And Below! 

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