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DONYALE LUNA: STYLE ICON, Tribute Tuesday, Fashion Icon, Model, Actress, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Fashionista...

Today on Edwina LaShan Fashion, We pay tributes to Our Style Icon, Donyale Luna. 

Before we go into details about this Vintage Fashionista's Fashion Background and Style, let's learn a little about this Super Model! 

Donyale Luna was born August 31, 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. Her birth name was Peggy Ann Turner. She was an American model and actress. In 1966, Luna became the first African American model to appear on the cover of British Vogue. She also appeared in several underground films. Donyale was said to have dated Rolling Stones Mick Jagger. Luna was described by a relative as “a very weird child, even from birth, living in a wonderland, a dream.” Her mother wanted her to be a nurse, but after being discovered by British fashion photographer David McCabe, Luna became the first black woman to be featured on a U.S. fashion magazine: the January 1965 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She died of overdose in 1979.

Known for her big wide eyes and color contacts. Donyale was often labeled as a heavenly body. It was also said that if anybody should be called "Exotic" she's the it girl for the label! Donyale was often said to be delusional about her real race, she often claimed to be mixxed of different races. Which is of surprise, considering how extradionarily beautiful she is... Who would want to lie about their true identity?

In this 60's Vintage Glamour Shot, Donyale is photographed wearing a fishnet dress! My oh my! Isn't it funny how Fashion repeats itself! See through fish net dresses are definitely trending on runways and on some of your favorite celebrity fashionistas! I'm almost for certain that Rhianna has been pictured recently wearing dresses of the likeness. 
This look sales sexiness! Donyale is definitely giving us sexy and boss in this photo. 

In this next look, Donyale makes us understand why we love scarfs, and stripes so much in this 

Donyale gives us 70s Mod fun, Flirtiness, and Quirkiness in this girl next door look! Patterns and bright colors are definitely in right now in Fashion. This look gives us just that, more than 30 years ago and still giving us very relevant fashion tips in 2014!  Loving the purple stud ball earring that Donyale is wearing!

Ponytail braids are definitely still 
making a statement in Black Hair! Many natural hair queens have been wearing long braids and wrap buns such as this.
Peasant blouses and bell sleeves, aren't as popular as they used to be but like we said earlier, history definitely repeats itself in history. This style was more repopular in the 90s and early 2000s. She also wears a dark one strand statement necklace.

More prints, Patterns, and bright colors! 
Geometrical shapes, and custom made dresses have definitely recirculated in the fashion scene! 

Donyale is definitely a Fashionista in her own element. She is definitely being a boss in this photo below. It's also funny how relatively similar Luna and singer/songwriter Keri Hilson look alike in this photo! This sequin dress is absolutely stunning and definitely a piece that is popular in pop fashion right now. The bodycon fit and long sleeves are sexy yet elegant! 

Donyale is pictured below in another custom made dress, with colors and shapes! The colors of the bottom part of the dress reminds us of an African sunrise. SkyBlue, yellow, and lavendar, represent the colors of the sunrise and the ocean. Gold embellishments designs are rich and give off an Egyptian Queen vibe. 

Donyale wears a red, black, and white feather fringed dress! The feathers add more texture to the already textured dress.

These signature poses and model movement are exactly why Donyale Luna is still a Fashion Icon til this day. She gave off effortless fierceness in every way possible. 

Can you guess who Beyonce may have got her stance from, on stage, as Sasha Fierce? 

Donyale is very much relatable in this photo. She was so fierce when it came to her work, but below she shows her side that proves that she is human just like us. Just a girl who shares her imagination when it comes to work, but who can definitely turn that off when it comes to home and personal life! 

Donyale was a gem in her own right! 

Q.U.E.E.N: This cover art definitely screams Erykah Badu all up and down!!! Inspiration much??? Donyale looks like an African Goddess in this photo! 

Does this photo give you Cynthia Bailey with a little Janet Jackson album cover? 

We have definitely seen Beyonce and Cynthia Bailey rock this big bun pullback hair look! Oh and there goes that white pump trend, that is very popular in fashion right now! 

The model wears large sequins and gladiator tie up sandals in this photo, which is definitely a huge trend which has been reinvented in this day and age!

More sequins! Love this revealing dress! 

This dress is a fitted sheer dress. Mixxed prints are used once again, which is very huge in modern day fashion now! Stripes and circles are perfect together!

The Classic hooded shirt!

Luna rocks big bubble glasses in Life a magazine another huge trend that has reinvented itself! 

Here's Luna in the First Vogue Magazine that featured a black woman on the cover!

Introducing Our Style Icon...

The exotic, the sexy, the Fashion Icon, The Super Model and Actress...
Donyale Luna!!!!

Celebrities that we believe chanel Donyale Luna include: 

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