Friday, March 22, 2013

We LOVE accessories!!! #ALLGoldEVERYTHING

Accessories for Our Featured Look Includes:

Earrings: ThriftStore Find 50 cents. #Vintage #Pop #Gold #Chic #Clip-ons

"Interesting Fact": We have found that some of the cutest stud earrings are clip-ons!

So if you want a really cute stud earring and can't find them with a piercing post, try a clip-on earring! It may pinch a little, but if you can stand a little pain...

Go for it!!! Remember Fashionistas: "Pain is Pleasure! in Looking good!!!"

Clutch/IPad Case: JCPenneys; 5 dollars #Gold #Glittery #Big

Necklace: Forever 21; under 5 dollars

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