Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing Edwina LaShan... "Fashion on a Daily"

Every now and then... U may find it fun to mix and match something old with something new!

Or... Try Fashion's new "IT" thing to do mix and Match patterns!

Everyone who keeps up with Fashion, knows no one likes the matchy, matchy all the time anymore!

It's cool, to sometimes do matchy, matchy but if you are a dare devil try to mix up fun patterns!

In this featured style, we started off with a button down blouse that uses the colors purple and red with gold buttons. The pattern uses the shape of triangles. We decided to add a contrast with our favorite contrast pattern black and white vertical stripes.

Accessories included a gold skinny belt. Another fav of ours, the black bow tie! and BIG gold studded earrings! Also a Gold glitter clutch!

We finished the look with a Red Blazer which was the bring out color/eye catching color used in the blouse.

Due to the winter season we chose to use the under garment of tights or if one may prefer stockings they can be used as well.

The chosen shoe was the gold studded black flat bootie.

Blouse and shorts were purchased at JCPenneys Hamilton Place: 5 dollars. Bow tie purchased at M&J Shoes: 5 dollars. Blazer purchased at Thrift Store for 3 dollars. Boots purchased at M&J shoes 20 dollars. Accessories purchased at thrift stores or Jcpenney for less than 5 dollars. 😊

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