Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The 20/20 Vision

It is said that your 19th and 20th birthday are unimportant. Nothing is significantly happening, just turning another year old. I would disagree, I am lucky and blessed to live another year and because of that it can not go unnoticed. This year has been a good and rocky road but I still had a vision of my future. This is the 20/20 vision. 

Al'leta LaShan, had a wonderful birthday spent away from her Chattanooga home. Where she went was not important ,but what she wore was just enough. 

A Burgundy wide rim fedora with a braided halo. With, a wide black and white horizontal strips full ankle length body con dress from Forever 21z 

Then, a denim blue jean shirt she bought from thrifting. Plus, a nude and gold statement necklace from Walmart. And a light brown skinny breaded belt from JCPenneys. Lastly, a nude Jessica Simpson wrapped wedges from Plato's closet.

Featured in the above images are Newly YouTube Vlogger of @SquadChronicles , Taylor Bobo. Who was the official photographer of the night. We thank her so much!! 

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