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JOSEPHINE BAKER: Style Icon, Fashion Icon, Singer, Actress

Today, on Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog, 
We pay tribute to Our Style Icon, The Fabulous, The Glamourous, The Risk Taker and Fashion Icon, Josephine Baker...

Before we start Our Tribute, let's learn a little about Our Icon...

Josephine Baker was born June 3, 1906 in St Louis, Missouri. She was an American-born French dancer, singer, and actress who came to be known in various circles as the "Black Pearl," "Bronze Venus" and even the "Creole Goddess". 

Her birth name is Freda Josephine McDonald. Josephine later became a citizen of France in 1937. She was fluent in both English and French

Baker was the first African-American woman to star in a major motion picture, ZouZou (1934) or to become a world-famous entertainer. 

Baker, who refused to perform for segregated audiences in America, is also noted for her contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. She was once offered unofficial leadership in the movement in the United States by Coretta Scott King in 1968, following Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination. Baker, however, turned down the offer. 

She was also known for assisting the French Resistance during World War II, and received the French military honor, the Croix de guerre and was made a Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur by General Charles de Gaulle.

Most known for her over the top and exquisite costumes. Josephine Baker is most notable for her recognition as a style icon! Women of generation after generation of entertainment have been inspired by this woman's style!

How would we describe Josephine Baker's style? Sexy, Exotic, Over the top, Bold, Risky, Elegant, Seductive, and Glamorous! 

You could often catch Josephine Baker rocking the 20's flapper style, a diamond encrusted head piece, tons of layers of statement necklaces, or a beautiful silk gown! She also loved to keep it risky with sheer or see through tops, or a banana skirt! 

Pictured above, is Josephine Baker with her Cheetah pet, Chiquita who she performed with and took on walks around Paris. Chiquita even wore a diamond encrusted collar! How cool is that? 

Baker was also known for her hair! She kept it elegant with a finger wave short style.They actually have a name for this style. It's called the slicked down marcel curl! Absolutely classy!

Long elegant gowns were also her signature look and she wore them well! 

Josephine Baker was also known for her usage of feathers in her costumes! 

Big, bold hats, and long fishtail, lace dresses are far from extraordinary for the entertainer! She was known for hats of all kinds, top hats, head pieces, and big floppy hats!

Here are some Celebrities who often Chanel Josephine Baker!

Diana Ross:

Tyra Banks:

Keri Hilson:

Beyoncé Knowles:


Diana Ross:

Actress Lynn Whitfield:

Josephine Baker, Diana Ross, and Rhianna:


Josephine Baker, and Rhianna side by side:


Josephine Baker/ Rhianna:

Designer Miuccia Prada also paid tribute to the "Creole Goddess" in his Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show. Models sported Josephine's inspired slicked down marcel curl hairstyles, and were styled in pieces printed with bananas, black women, and monkeys. How cool is that? 

Introducing Our Style Icon...

The Fabulous, The Glamourous, The Risk Taker, The Bold, The Actress, The Entertainer,  and Fashion Icon, Josephine Baker...

Josephine Baker!

Once again! Thanks for reading Our Style Icon Tribute! We are true beliebers of acknowledging the people who open the doors for us in Fashion! Until next time...
Smooches! 💋💋💋

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