Friday, February 14, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen, We are proud to announce a new twist to the Chattanooga area. A cool and fabulous boutique is open on Market Street called, "FREDONIA"! 

The owner Morgan Clayborn began developing the idea a couple of years back through previous businesses she has owned. 

The name originated  from "the turn of the century "; it's an old fashion name that she chose to bring a bigger meaning to the value of this amazing store. Her hopes is when people hear the name, they are able to gain a sense of happiness.

"I know personality when we heard the name, I thought of a mystical land, kind of like... Neverland, from the Peter Pan movie."-LaShan  

The store is angled more towards a present day style with a twist of vintage. The store has a very classic feel with some pops of color, a few tribal and natural prints, with a touch of a southern summer day. 

What's even more special about FREDONIA is that it's not geared towards a special size or shape or culture it's more aimed towards a broader and bigger audience. It basically caters to all audience of women and all those lovely ladies who are willing to try something new. 

The owner, Morgan says, " I hope that FREDONIA can grow and become a part of the Chattanooga city. A place were people can come together in the name of Fashion and of course hangout and socialize and create new ideas."

Everyone make sure you go and checkout "FREDONIA" boutique! 

You can find the store on 1421 Market Street across from the Chattanooga Choo Choo. 

FREDONIA's website is and you can also follow the accounts @fredoniachatt on Instagram and Pinterest. Also like the page on Facebook titled, FREDONIA provision for women. 

Check out these looks we styled, while having Saturday Shopping Fun at Fredonia! Enjoy!!! 

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  1. You guys look great!! Thank you for the lovely feature, hope to see you soon XOXO!