Wednesday, December 25, 2013

PRINCE: Style Icon, Singer, Actor, Musician, Writer, Producer, Husband, RockStar

Today, Our Style Icon is the Magnificitely Talented "Prince of Rock And Roll" Prince! 

Prince has been known for years for his ability to set trends in music, pop culture and fashion! So today we want to pay homage to his legacy! We love you Prince and we love EVERYTHING about your style! Check him out! But let's first learn a little about his career! 

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 7, 1958), known by his mononym, Prince is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. He has produced ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career. He has written several hundred songs and produces and records his own music for his own music label. He promoted the careers of Sheila E, Carmen Elecktra, The Time and Vanity 6! His songs have been recorded by these artists and others, including Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Sinéad O'Connor, and Kim Basinger. 

Prince has a wide vocal range and is known for his flamboyant stage presence and costumes.

In 1984, he began referring to his backup band as the Revolution and released the album Purple Rain which served as the soundtrack to his film debut of the same name. Which to this day is still a Classic Film! 

Prince was always known for his Gorgeous costumes and Fashion Forward style! He was known for purples,  leathers, ruffle blouses, and blazers!

Prince could also be found rocking a fresh set of shades! 

Much like the styles of today, Prince likes to mix prints! Below he mixes two types of polka dots which we absolutely adore and love!!! Not to overlook the fact that Prince is styling in his neck tie up blouse! 

Prince is well known for a tailored fit suit! You may even catch him in platform boots!

Prince has pretty much worn every hair style. From the Afro, sleek up Mohawk style to the silked out hair! 

Prince is also known for loving his diamonds and pearls for statement/signature jewelry! 

Prince has pretty much worn every color of the rainbow! We are loving him in this blue tailored suit and white button details! 

Check out what had to say about Prince below! 

#1.) Frilly shirts - More than Seinfeld and "Pirates of Penzance," the frilly shirt belongs to Prince. What other man could so effortlessly and unironically rock a puffy, be-ruffled blouse and still exude sex appeal? No one but Prince, that's who. Well, and Jimi Hendrix, who he was definitely influenced by…

#2.) Statement necklaces - Long before Carrie Bradshaw was rocking a nameplate necklace, Prince was sporting his own unpronounceable symbol (AKA "The Love Symbol") on a chain. He taught us that establishing and branding your personal style was as easy as draping some jewelry around your neck. Since its heyday in the '90s, the singer has put the symbol into semi-retirement, but don't think he's not still bringing it in terms of necklaces. 

#3.) Strong shouldered suits - For the '80s business woman inside us all, we can look to the gender-bending blazers of Prince's stage costumes with bold, angular shoulders. While this is certainly not an everyday style, there's a bit of Tilda Swinton-esque androgyny about these suits that we just love.

#4.) The color purple - Taylor Swift has red, Adele has black, and in the '90s, the singer with a royal-sounding name adopted purple as his signature shade. Some (not us) might say there are more masculine colors on the wheel, but damn that man pulls it off.

#5.) Kohl-rimmed eyes
 - The singer wants to be your lover, but we just want him to teach us how to perfect our eyeliner. Seriously, one human man should not have this much makeup game. Teach us your ways, Prince!

Introducing Our Style Icon, The Prince of Rock and Roll, The Billboard Music Award Icon, The Style Icon, The Trendsetter, The Sex Symbol, The Writer, The Producer, The Actor, The legend Prince Rogers Nelson! 


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