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WHITLEY GILBERT: Student, Sorority Sister, Wife, Daughter, Girlfriend,Friend, Inspiration to Young Women of ALL ages, College Graduate,Teacher, Mentor!

Today on Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog, We pay tribute to Our Fashion Icon, Whitley Gilbert! 

Who is Whitley Gilbert? 

Whitley Gilbert is Hillman College's ultimate diva and southern belle! 

"Whitley Gilbert, did more than expound upon her infinite wisdom of the finer things in life during her four years. This style and beauty maven was one of the first during the ’80s and ’90s to flaunt expensive “Chanel chic” designer labels and ritzy accessories. Whitley Gilbert epitomized dressing to the nines with an unapologetic elegance. No matter if she was going to “The Pitt” to catch up with friends or out with her boo Dwayne, Ms. Relax, Relate, Release was always impeccably dressed.  A true icon, fashion was who she was." -Style Blazer

"I liked the evolution of her character. It seemed as if she was one that really benefited from the exposure that Hillman College afforded her. When she came to Hillman, she was a self-centered snob from an affluent Virginia family. Because of her peers and experiences (the Apartheid protest, Kim's pregnancy, Resident Director, and her ups and downs of dating and relating), she became a well-rounded and sincere person. Her world was different after her four years of Hillman..and was forever shocked when Dwayne proposed to her right in the middle of her wedding to the Senator." - Nikki25 Greek Chat

At the beginning of the show, Whitley Gilbert started off as a Sophomore Art and French Major.

Whitley was a Member of Hillman Debate Society; Chair of Hillman College Arts Council; Dean of Pledges of Alpha Delta Rho sorority; Intern at E.H. Wright Industries; Dorm Director of Height Hall; Assistant Art Buyer for E.H. Wright Industries, a Waitress, and a Substitute teacher.

Whitley was a native of Richmond, Virginia. Whitley is the daughter of Hillman alumni Mercer and Marion Gilbert, cousin of Liza and Courtney, stepdaughter of Monica Gilbert, befriended by Millie (and eventually Denise and Dwayne), unsuccessfully ran for the title of "Miss Hillman", pledged Alpha Delta Rho Sorority and successfully "crossed over", roommate (and best friend) of Kimberly during third and fourth years at Hillman. 

She was temporarily employed by Mr. Gaines at The Pit to pay for damages to his car. Whitley was involved in a serious relationship with Julian Day (to Dwayne's dismay), involved in an on-again-off-again relationship with Dwayne for years, voluntarily remained at Hillman for a fifth year to take additional courses in business, off-campus roommate of Jaleesa during fifth year at Hillman, undermined and successfully ruined Dwayne's relationship with Kinu Owens, graduated (Class of 1991), engaged to Dwayne, lost virginity to Dwayne. 

Whitley worked as a summer intern with E.H. Wright Industries. She also was the dorm director of Height Hall. She was employed as an assistant art buyer for E.H. Wright Industries (where she was a victim of sexual harassment), and was horrified to learn that some of her African-American ancestors were slave owners. 

The engagement between her and Dwayne was broken (after Dwayne almost cheats on her), and she later entered into a serious relationship with Virginia state senatorial candidate Byron Douglas III. She cheated on Byron with Dwayne (for which Byron forgives her), she got engaged to Byron, but later rejected Byron during the wedding ceremony and married Dwayne immediately thereafter. 

Whitley is the daughter-in-law of Woodson and Adele Wayne. The couple  honeymoon in Los Angeles coincided with the 1993 riots following the verdict in the Rodney King trial. Whitley downsized from art buyer position, and was employed as a waitress, and a substitute teacher. At the end of the program, she got pregnant with her first child, and moved to Japan (with Dwayne).

What we loved most of all about Whitley's Fashion Style was the fact that she knew her fashion and it's worth! Whitley came from money and she only rocked the best of the best! From all the latest designers and trends! 

Whitley was very high maintenance! Whitley could be caught wearing her cashmere sweaters, turtlenecks, pearls, diamonds, or silk blouses. She could rock a pair of trouser tailored pants like no other. Whitley was best known for her collection of business suits! That she wore to class with stockings and pumps! 

Even when Whitley was dressed down in her pajamas she wore the best of the best silk pajamas! Whitley was always so sophisticated even when holding her mirror, to apply powder.

Whitley inspired so many girls at a young age to go to college, be sophisticated, and achieve whatever it is that they may set out to do! Her character proves that it's ok, to be yourself whether you are witty, bubbly, and smart like Whitley, or have personalities like some of the other characters in the show! When it's all said and done just be you and grow into a better you! 

Introducing... Our Style Icon, Whitley Gilbert... Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Creds:StyleBlazer,GreekChat, Wilkapedia

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