Monday, September 30, 2013

"A FLIRTY THIRTY WEEKEND!!!" The Birthday Weekend of Lorean C. Mays Former Miss Black Tennessee, Model, Heart Disease Advocate, Motivational Speaker and Big Sister! A BIRTHDAY WEEKEND DEDICATED TO GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY...

Lorean C. Mays, Former Miss Black Tennessee, celebrated her Birthday in a Very special way this year, a way that many are not known to dedicate they're special weekend to! She decided to Give Back to Her Community, all at the same time, spending 30 years on this Earth with the people who matter MOST, Her friends and family!!!

It was a wonderful weekend!!! And we have memories to show from this extravagant Birthday Event! And of course we did what we do best! Capture BEAUTIFUL FASHION! 

Check it out!!!

The order of events include: 

Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 2pm:  Sister Chat Panel with very Prominate Women in the Black Communities! 

The Ladies of The Panel and The Host: 
Ms.Lorean Mays.

From left to right: 

Ms.Deanna K. Burrell Chicago based Author of the Book Single Girl Summer 

Ms. Sabrina Hagood Former Military Woman, Officer of the Law

In the Middle: Ms.Lorean Mays, Former Miss Black Tennessee, Model, Heart Disease Advocate, Big Sister 

Mrs. Deneitra Hall The Fairy Glam Mother

Ms. Natalie Newell Former Miss Black Tennessee, Student, and Motivational Speaker 

Mrs.Prince Torrence Hair Stylist pictured below second from the left.

This panel was held at the Chattanooga Downtown Public Library Auditorium.

The Panel was composed of Women who were Former Miss Black Tennessee Queens, Models, Bloggers, Beauticians, Military Women, Police Officers, Authors, and Mothers!

Each woman shared their stories of experiences with Bullying, The Non Relaxed/Natural vs Relaxed Hair Battle, Ways On How To Be Yourself, How To Present Yourself as a Lady, What Makes A Woman Beautiful, and the List of Topics could go on...

This was definitely a must be at Event! 

More Sister Chat Panels to Come!!!

Check out More Photos from this Wonderful Weekend of Events! 

Birthday Cocktail Hour:

Volunteer Service at The Community Kitchen:

Sunday Brunch: 
Definitely loving the Sunday Brunch Fashion! #SundaysBest 

Thanks for Tuning into #EdwinaLaShan Fashion Blog #FlirtyThirty #BirthdayWeekendEdition

Much Love from the Fashion Blogger! 

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