Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Friends Have Style Too! 😍👍😍👍😍

Hello friends and family! 

In this particular post we wanted to give a shout out to some of our favorite friends who have style and stay supporting us!!! 

Check these ladies out! 

Hope You Enjoy some of Edwina LaShan's #StreetStyle in the eye of #EdwinaLashan.                  


The Editors
Edwina LaShan:

Edwina is rocking a classic rocker tailored white suit. White blazer and white  tailored fit wide leg pant.

In this particular shot, she removed her blazer to show the detail in the under blouse. 

The blouse is a vintage, tuxedo, body suit blouse. 

She finished her look with a touch of gold accessories and pumps. 

Too add to the black and white contrast she added a black and white geometrical necklace to seal the look! 

Hair in a chic sleek back high ponytail.

LaShan is wearing an elegant, sheer, floor length formal white gown. 

With see-though cut out sides.

She is giving off Elegance, Royalty, Romance, Maturity, and Purity!

LaShan, no doubt about it, received oohs and awes throughout the night as she wooed many with her elegant choice of dress.


Edwina and Catana Jones:

Edwina is wearing a harajuka inspired polka-dot blouse with black liquid tights. She added a black bow tie, and red booties! To finish her look she added Gold accessories.

She is wearing her hair in a pixi hair cut with a bang!

Edwina is giving off a flirty, vintage, and retro look!

Catana brought out her inner wild side, with a snack skin animal print blouse, that incorporates the colors tan, nude, and black which definitely compliments her mocha skin tone very well! She added black high waisted stretch tights, and a black jewel necklace! To seal her look she added a nude snake print close toe pump. Catana is rocking a short pixi cut, with a swooped bang. Catana turned heads with this look! 

Catana's serenades you with a look that gives you Exotic, Sass, Sizzle, Flirty, Spice, and Sophistication!


Brittny Davis and Edwina: 

Brittny jazzed up her look with a leopard, classic black and white fitted body con dress. She is wearing her hair long and wavy. She finished her look with a splash of red pumps, and a classic white pearl earring.

Brittny's look gives you Sizzle, Spice, Hotness, Fun, Flirty, and Wild!

Edwina's Solange Knowles inspired look for the celebrity look alike themed party she was attending, definitely was a look fit for the red carpet!

Starting with the 90's inspired MC Hammer, tailored stretch, colorful tropical print tight pant. 
To add contrast and color block to the colorful pant, she added a classic black bow, white tank. 

The classic black bow inspired by Solange Knowles on her Hadley Street Dreams album cover. Solange brought the bow trend to the limelight with her outspoken Activitist symbolism in this great photo artwork for her Billboard chart rising album! 

Solange Rocking Her Bow Trending Dress:

Edwina's look screams volumes! It screams Splashy, Tropical, Fun, Chic, Loud, Colorful, and Unique!


Whitney Colclough:

Whitney is Rocking her Natural Blonde Afro. 

She has on a tailored fit black blazer, with tailor fit red skinny pant trousers.

She contrasts her colors with a white cami. 

She finishes the look with a beautiful jewel black necklace, bracelet, and nude colored pumps! 

Ms.Colclough's look says Conservative, Spicy, Fun, Natural, Chic, Whitty, and Classy!

Whitney definitely OWNED this look!!!


Lorean Mays: 

Model and Former Miss Black Tennesseee Lorean Mays is demanding respect in her sophicated modern black Audrey Hepburn inspired dress with a 
fitted pencil skirt type flair.

The black and Gold in Mays' dress gives off power with a bit of glamour!

With Gold embellished belt, and gold accessories. 
She wears her natural hair curled on the ends, and swooped to the side with slight highlights.

Everything in this look says Sophisticated, Glamour, Chic, Modern, and Class! 

You better WERK Miss Mays!

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