Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Street Style Saturday!!!

In Honor Of Our 1 Year Bloggerversary, We at Edwina LaShan, would like to feature all of our past Street Style Features! 

Every Saturday, we give other Fashionistas, such as ourselves, who love Fashion, but sometimes don't get the proper recognition, the chance to allow themselves to be seen in a Fashion platform! We all deserve to be recognized at some point or another, because, "We Are Fashion!" 

We are the Consumers who keep Style Alive! We purchase these pieces and put them together, to make them our Own! Style would not exist without us! 

Therefore we present to you Real People, Real hard working people, Street Style Fashion! These are moms, daughters, Sisters, dads, sons, brothers, bloggers, models, stylist, teachers, doctors, lawyers, mentors, students, celebrities and friends! 

These are Real People Street Styles! 

❤️Edwina LaShan

Client and Friend Shayla Jackson: Styled by Edwina LaShan:

Edwina and her Best Friend, The Sophisticate Chronicles Blogger Lorean Mays: 

Friends and Follow TSU Alumni; Whitney Colclough, Ashley Storay, Catana Jones:

Fashionista and Hair Stylist Tiffany Lewis: 

Friends, Supporters, and Fellow TSU Alumni: Edwina's BFF Whitney Colclough, Friend Chasity Culberson, and Danielle! 

Friends, Supporters, and Fellow TSU Alumni; Marquita Edwina, Catana Jones, Amber Parker: 

Fashion Blogger of Edwina LaShan;  Al'leta LaShan: 

Blogger and Photographer Jequise: @thatgirlwiththedreads

Author, writer and poet Jamneise Wilson: 

Singer and Fellow Groupmember of TDE Sza: 

Fashion Blogger, CEO, Founder, Online Boutique Owner Jacqueline Adams: @dearjackiesfashion

Fashion Blogger: @brittneyiam

Best Friends and Supporters Whitney Colclough and Tanisha Campbell: 

Fashion Stylist and Magazine Owner Gabby Lewis: 

Lifestyle Blogger Renae Bluitt; In Her Shoes Blog: 

Fashion Blogger: 

Fashion Blogger : 

Best Friend and Fashionista Whitney Colclough: 

Fashion Blogger Tiffany: @tifferannd

Edwina's Best Friend and Fashionista Catana Jones: 

Niece Quintessa Anderson, Fashionista, and her Babies! 

Friends/Supporters/ Fashionistas/TSU Alumni: Amber Parker, Takara McContosh, Catana Jones, and Edwina! 

Life Blogger, Model, Former Miss Black Tennessee Lorean Mays:

Fashionista Rashida: 

Aspiring Model/Fashionista Chelsea Hoge:

Client Shayla Jackson:

Fashionista and Fashion Retailer Jessica Jones:

Friends and Supporters:

Friends and Supporters:

Fashionistas, Friends and Supporters:

Fashionista/Supporter/Fellow TSU Alumni Brittni Perry:

Fashionista and Hair Stylist Tiffany Lewis:

Pinterest Find: 

Pinterest Find:

Singer and Fashionista Elle Varner:

Singer, Fashionista, Natural Hair Icon Solange Knowles and Fellow Fashionista Friend: 

Singer Melanie Fiona and her Fashionista Friends! 

New Fashionista Jessica: 

And of course... Edwina LaShan! 

If we left anyone off, please Charge it to the Mind not the heart! We appreciate all of you! And we Thank You For Your Continued Support!!! Keep the pics coming!!! ❤️ -EdwinaLaShan 

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