Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day Inspired Look! Styled by EdwinaLaShan!

Valentines Day is Tomorrow! And Im sure you all are trying to find the Perfect Valentines Day Fashion Forward Look!
Check out this look Edwina came up with while thrifting and scrummaging through her own closet! Perfect for a Snowy Day in Chattanooga, Tennessee! 

Check her out!!!

Ok... Hey Fashionistas! 

Heres a look I created, just by seating in my classroom, watching my coworker, hang up Valentines Day Hearts for the holiday! 

I always look for different fashionable color schemes to play around with, that I see, in my everyday life! 

My coworker kept putting up Red, Purple, and light Pink hearts! I knew it would be a bit much to wear all three colors! Lol So I decided to play around with two of the 3 colors and create an outfit! 

So that's when the brainstorming started.  What do I have in my closet that's solid red and solid purple. I have solid purple pants and solid purple shirts. But zo don't have many solid red pieces in my closet. 

There is that 1 solid red blouse I once owned in my closet. But I have no idea where it is now. Maybe I passed it down, to my sisters or my nieces, or gave it away to charity. I have no idea! Uh oh! 

Either way it goes... I had to find a red shirt! And I had to find it fast! Lol

So, I went unto Polyvore and created a look! 

I found this vintage, red, neck tie, blouse and these purple trousers, much like the trousers I own! Instead of going with lavendar pants, I went with dark purple.

The next step was to find a blouse similar to the blouse on Polyvore! 

So Saturday I went Thrift Shopping and I lucked up on this beautiful silk blouse! For only $2! An excellent Fashion Steal! 

I added my purple trousers and I was good to go! 

But there was one last thing. I needed to accessorize my look! 

I chose to add my beautiful new Tan Peacoat, I purchased some weeks ago, while Thrift Shopping for as low as $6.00. The tan would give the look a perfect contrast! It would calm the look down, all while giving it the Fashion Forward "Umph" I wanted! 

I added my red booties from Dillards to give a little matching sensation! 

Last but not least, I was still able to add a little bold pink/purple, with my Radiant Orchid handbag! 

Taaaa Dah!!! And there you have it!!! A perfect color block look for Valentines Day!!! 

Hope that was helpful! 

Enjoy your Valentines Day Fashionistas!!! Until next time!!! Smooches!!! Xoxo!!! ❤️💋❤️-Edwina 

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