Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As we noticed throughout the year of 2013, their were fashion items that were a must have. When we really think about it was a lot and pretty overwhelming. Well Edwina LaShan, has got a cure for that. Now its 2014 and were starting off at the top of our game. So much that we are bringing a whole new day into perspective. Of course, we still have Motivational Monday, Tribute Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, Fashion Friday, Street Style Saturday, and occasionally Sundays Best. To keep you up to date on this year's trendy fashion items every Wednesday. 

Starting with this Wednesday! We introduce to you... What's Trending Wednesday!

This week trending fashion item to look out for is... THE FUR VEST!

The Fur Vest has been trending this year. All fall the vest has become one of the most popular items to have for winter. It adds a chic, but bold look to the attire. Its great for a night out on the town, especially with the girls. I must admit its extremely eye-catching and jaw dropping. Of course all the celebs are loving it as well. For example:  

                                                               Kim Kardashian



And various other celebrities.

I have to admit it is the fashion trend that just might be taking over the season. 

Don't believe me? well just watch...

Thanks for tuning into Whats Trending Wednesday! Continue checking out Edwina LaShan for all fashion updates. 

Until Next Time...

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