Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Way to Start Off The New Year!!! Check Out These Looks For Less Edwina Rocked to Start 2014 off!!!

Way to start off the New Year!!! Check out these looks for less that Edwina found while simply Thrift Shopping! 

Hello Friends! It's funny because yrs ago a person wouldn't have caught me in a thrift store, let alone convince me that I would find quality pieces in a thrift store! Little did I know... I was the close minded person, that no fashionista ever wants to be! Now I'm hooked! Check out these pieces I found for less than $20!

Now... I can't take all the credit! LaShan found this Gorgeous fur coat for just 17 dollars! It's a Jordache cost but looking at it, you would think it was Tom Ford or something. ;-) Especially when you pair it with the perfect pieces! I prefer pairing it with gold metallics, just for a RICH effect! 

I am responsible for the rest of the bargain finds! I found this lovely silk blouse for a little of $2. Thankfully it was marked off to half price! That's right 1 dollar! 😉 What caught my eye about this particular blouse was not only the fact that it was a rich material, the rich colors caught my eyes as well! The metallic orange, bronze, and green stripes were perfect for my liking! I'm usually more of a fan for bright and vibrant colors, but these bold colors caught my attention! It probably also helped that the color of the year "Emerald" was used in this blouse! This winter, Emerald has definitely steered me in! I'm in love with Emerald for winter! I also loved the fact that the blouse was sophisticated with its long sleeves and fancy neckline.

Now the neck turner of this whole look was definitely the High Waisted Pants! I wore this look the last Sunday of the year, and up until the 1st Sunday of the New Year, I was still getting compliments on them! I can't exactly remember which one of us, LaShan or I found the pants but one thing I can admit was that it was definitely a fashion steal! 

The pants were 1 dollar! They are made of a cotton twill material! Soft and thin,  but at the same time stiff enough to be ironed. They are sort of that easily wrinkled material, but that definitely won't hold you back from being fabulous! 

Accessories include my favorite gold clutch, for $5 at JCPenneys. Gold glitter pumps $20 at Target and Gold earrings 50cents at the Goodwill! Glasses Eyear Optical. 

Thanks for tuning in Fashionistas! 💋
Check out the rest of the pics below! 

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