Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Edwina LaShan Winter Color Burst!!!

Check out these Looks that Edwina LaShan Created for Our Winter Color Burst! 

Edwina: Styled by Edwina! 
Wearing all white from head to toe! 

When I purchased my color burst, color of the year, Radiant Orchid, purse, I knew from the start, how I was going to style it!

wanted to go for a winter monochrom  look with a burse of color! 

My purse came from JCPenneys! For $20! 

Color: Radiant Orchid 
Designed by: Nine and Company! 

My blouse was a Black and White, monochrome blouse from JCPenneys. Designed by Joe Fresh. 
For only 4.99! 

My white trouser pants came from Express, but they were thrifted for less than 5 dollars! 

My black wedge booties came from JCPenneys! For about 10 dollars! 

Note that the most expensive pieces I have on are my purse and Shoes! Which is really a good deal! It's very rare that you find purses and shoes of good quality any cheaper than $20, so when you find it, you have found a great deal, worth having! Cop it! Don't let it pass you by, unless you absolutely can't afford it! 

I didn't accessorize much, but I did throw on a pair of purple amethyst birthstoned stud earrings to match my purse, for a timeless touch. I also wore a turquoise stone ring. 

To finish the look, I wore a Burlesque styled, vintage, 1920s, Bird Cage, top hat, headpiece, from Charlotte Russe! Considering I wore this look to church, it help give me a Classic, Church Woman, Signature Look! 

Lastly, I wore a Thrifted black Peacoat, trench coat for as low as 6 dollars.

Here's the finished look from Edwina: 

Next, we have LaShan.
I wore a shear polka-dot navy and white blouse. On top of that, I added a floral blazer with gold chain accents to shake it up. 

Mixing two very different prints together but by pulling out small similarities between two, I was able to blend them together and pull off the look. 

Both pieces were bought at JCPenneys at an average cost of 10 dollars. 

Next, I wore a simple high-waisted tailored pants which I bought at Forever21 last year. They cost me right around 10.99 during the big sale season.

My shoe of choice were shinny black tailored oxfords. I purchased these shoes some time ago at Dillard's, during the huge season sale. They are are designed by one of my favorite designers, Gianni Bini. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS EYE FOR FASHION! 

To accesories I wore a navy oval, royal blue,  stud earring, accented in diamond jewels, around the outer part of the earring

I finished my look with a chunky mixed necklace with white pearls and clear jewels with silver lining to top the look off. As you can see, my hair is shorter, so I definitely feel that help in bringing the look alive.

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