Monday, December 16, 2013

Beyonce Releases Her New Album via ITunes at Midnight!

"SURPRISE!!!" That's what Beyonce's Instagram photo caption read, when I checked her page to see, what all the hype was about, on Instagram! When I woke up, Friday morning, to check my Instagram and do my daily updates, many Instagram post on my timeline went on and on... about Beyonce releasing her new album through iTunes, unannounced!

Apparently Beyonce released the album early Friday morning, December 13, 2013, at Midnight! 

New Album Cover?

The post people updated were jokes about how Beyonce is the only one who could make such a bold mood! There was also a photo with all her RnB Female Competition going bald, because Beyonce made them rip there wigs off, because they were nervous! Smh 

I admit Beyonce is a bad Chick! But ripping wigs off is quite extreme! Lol There is no way I will pull my hair out due to another woman's success! If anything that would motivate me more! It would make me want to be more transparent to my fans as Beyonce has done with this new album! 

The albums goal was to show people a deeper look into who Beyonce's creative mind! She wanted to give people a look into her ideas and visions when she writes songs! 

That's where the concept of a visual album came up! The album includes 14 songs and 17 video visuals to go along with the songs! 

She decided to drop the album unexpectedly to not have critism and hype developed around the release of the album! She wanted it to promote itself! 

Job well done Beyonce she has already sold millions of copies with ITunes alone! 

Reviews have come back and she's getting a lot of good feedback! 

Congratulations Beyonce!!! And I can't wait to own, my own, personal copy! 

Check out the visual photos and wardrobe costumes from the album below! 

Beyonce and the World's Top Super Models! Rocking @31philliplim Leopard Peplum Jacket. 

Beyonce rocking Designer @normakamali in the #PrettyHurts video! 

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