Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Solange Knowles Announces the Release of Her Self Designed Puma Sneaker!

Hello Fashion Lovers!!! Today in Fashion News... Solange Knowles announces the launch of her New Sneaker Line! The fashion guro/Music Artist shared photos on her Music Label Instagram page, for a new Puma sneaker line!!! Not much of a sneaker fan... But I'm down to rock a pair of these!!! I'm loving the usage of vibrant colors, neons, and bold patterns!!! Rock out Solange!!! Keep it coming!!!  

In her own words, she captioned her photos, with these words, "After years of art directing my own projects and visuals, including music videos, photo shoots, album artwork and web content among many others, I am extremely excited to announce that I am now able to apply my passion for all things design into my new roll as an Art Director for the iconic PUMA!!!" 

She continues to describe her plans for the new line, and shares photos of 2 out of 4, of her friends that inspire her for puma and 

Read more about what she had to say here... and check out the Shoe Line! 

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