Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ELIZABETH TAYLOR: Actress, Activist, Powerful woman, Inspiration, Legend , Model, Business Moguel, and Most of all a STAR

Today Edwina LaShan honors a great inspiration to Fashion and a huge help in what it means to define your own brand. Ladies and Gentlemen we pay tribute to Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor.
She was born February 27, 1932 as Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor in London England. It wasn't long before she began her act of stardom. As a young actress, on MCM she moved away to Los Angeles with her mother where she got her first movie role as The daughter of Scarlet in "Gone with the Wind." Her dazzling violet eyes captured the audience; from then on Elizabeth Taylor was on her way to becoming a legend.

Taylor's style was known for being sophisticated, elegant, very neat and breath taken. She wore very broad and rich colors such as Emerald greens, Champaign, Violets, Black, and etc.  These colors were not as common back in the 50s and 60s. Most people stuck to yellows, plaids, and reds. Making her stand out in the crowd, because of that, the press loved her.
Her style was well admired by women. Every man wanted to be next to her, every woman wanted to be her. Her presence along with her big violet eyes became biggest strength, which helped, bring her style more to life.  

We, Edwina LaShan, must admit that her style was not just her biggest skill but her capability of acting.  She appeared in many movies and films such as Cleopatra, Giant, Suddenly Last Summer, National Velvet, and many more.

Her style is very modern day vintage. It has a definite style of chic with a huge spice of eloquence. She was living proof that diamonds were a girls best friend. 

Her smile, her grace, her eloquence brought forth a DIVANESS center stage ready to begin. All these traitsshe incorporated beautifully to her style. 

She raised the bar to fashion. Never ever dropping the standard to high fashion. To the public eye she was the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor and she was going to keep it that way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We now present to you... 
Our Style Icon Lady Elizabeth Taylor! 

Today, we honor a very remarkable women. We thank you Elizabeth Taylor for being and creating the definition of high fashion. 

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