Friday, September 27, 2013

Not Sure If You've Heard... But Solange Knowles Has A New Song, Video,and Independent Record Label! Get the Details Only On Edwina LaShanFashion Blog!

She's Baaaack!!!

Our love, the Princess of Natural Hair, or shall we say the Face of Natural Hair, is back with new Fashion, a New a Song, a New Video and a New Independent Record Label!

Solange Knowles just released her new Music Video, for her new song "Lovers In The Parking Lot!" on her self own record label, "Saint Records". The video and song are both produced by Solange! Presented by The Creators Project. 

The song includes beat samples from Hip Hops own Mannie Fresh! 

The video includes beautiful new vintage 80s inspired fashions that the Fashion Singer turned Model showcases herself! She makes sure to show off her neon yellow Puma kicks with glow in the dark laces! Paired with print tights! She rocks a series if 80 vintage pieces such as  vibrant bright colors, Prints, 80s Metallic and her signature big Diana Ross inspired hair! She even moves like Diana with a little 80s "Flash" twist! The game room scene also kind of takes you back to the "The Last Dragon" with a little inspiration from Vanity as Laura Charles .

The video is filmed in Solange's hometown, Houston, Texas, in the very Mall that Mannie Fresh and Bun B used to work in before their careers boomed off! 

She includes appearances from the Hip Hop Legends and she also dances alongside them! And trust me!!! They are "Getting it!!!"

Check out the video below!!! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!!! 

Keep the support coming! We love you all!!! ❤️✊

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