Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Hear yea!!! Hear Yea!!! New York Fashion Week features its 1st Plus Size Fashion Designer in its 70 yrs History!"

Wow!!! We are amazed and proud to witness, and be apart of history! 

Considering that Edwina LaShan just had our 1st real Fashion Consulting and Real Person Fashion Shoot with a Curvy Woman! Who would have thought that the 1st time we experience this, it's a huge mark in the Fashion History books as well! Couldn't be better timing!

New York Fashion Week has been held this week introducing the looks for Spring 2014! For the 1st Time in NYFW, 70 years of history, a plus size Designer was featured! 

Plus size Designer Eden Miller was featured as the 1st Plus Size Fashion Designer ever on the New York Fashion Week runway with her Cabiria line! She has a love for bright colors and prints!  

"Leading the way: Plus-sized fashion brand Cabiria, will feature at New York Fashion Week!" -DailyMail 

The headline alone, is beyond amazing, and we love it!!!

Here are some of her looks that have been featured:

Kudos to our beautiful, curvy women! It's only up from here!

It's been a struggle, but with the help of Fashion Experts and Bloggers such as ourselves we will be sure to keep you all up to date and spicy in Fashion! 

Fashion Designer Kenyetta Jones is fierce in her Scarlett Red Sequin dress! She likes to take risk! And that's what we LOVE about her!!! She's such a DIVA who is confident in her fabolusity and she owns it!!!

This subject has definitely hit home for Edwina LaShan, because we have first handily been introduced to the issue. Our own Edwina personally shopped for our 1st Plus size consulting and she saw the low percentage of plus size fashion forward and high fashion cute pieces! 

"The first place I thought of to shop was Forever 21 for Plus Size, because I knew they had a high fashion approach for plus sized women, but what disappointed me the most about this store was the fact that we would find the right size, but for some reason it still did not fit in the right places. This became very frustrating for me, as a smaller frame woman. My eyes were opened at this point! I love Forever 21 for their variety of high fashion for a reasonable price,  but I know sometimes even I may found a problem in the fitting for my size, so I know it happens in the plus size there, but 10 times worst!" 

Forever 21 recently changed the name to their Plus Size Fashion to "Faith 21"! Check them out! 

America's Top Model Winner Whitney Thompson as the Face of Faith 21! 

Luckily there are stores like Catos Fashion who also has high fashion for the  Plus size woman for fairly low prices, but the fact that you have stores with good quality like Lane Bryant, that plus size women love!!! But when you shop there, your pockets are torn into because its not affordable for the working class woman. 

Lane Bryant New Line Lane Collection:

"It's sad! It's very sad because there are plus size women who know what they like, but they just don't know where to find it! And there are very few stores that offer it and for a reasonably low price!"

Well that fear is no more! Because we are here to help! Check out Edwina LaShan's first Plus Size and consulting photoshoot coming soon...! 

Plus check out more blog post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on pointers on where to find looks and inspirations! 

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Once again, Kudos to Plus Size Fashion Brand Cabiria for being The First Fashion Designer Featured at New York Fashion Week! That's awesome! 😉

Also make sure you check out WE Tv Reality Tv Show, "House of Curves!" with Fashion Designer Kenyatta Jones! Definitely looking forward to seeing and hearing more from her and her team!

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