Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today, marked on the calendars, is September 4, 2013! And for EVERY TRUE fan of Beyonce, we know what day that is!!! How could we forget??? 

Not only is it Beyonce's birthday date, her favorite number is 4, Her Husband, JayZ's favorite number is 4! Her daughter's middle name represents the Roman numeral IV 4! There is no way going around it, because its practically drilled in your head as soon as you fall for her! Lol

Her Bday Song counts down the The National Birthday Holiday for her fans, "09...04...81... BDAY!!!" 

To the 80s babies as a whole, this is perfection because all we have to do is change a couple of numbers in the song, and it fits perfectly, in our own birth dates as well! Lol 

We are set for life, for our birthdays!!! Right??? Lol #PerfectBirthdaySong 

I don't know what makes everyone SOOO excited for Beyonce's birthday like we will actually get to celebrate with her, but it is just something about that BDAY song and album that sets the atmosphere! 

Whomever came up with the idea to make a birthday song and album, they were like Einstein because there is no way after hearing that song, billions of times, u would EVER forget the date. 

Even if you aren't a due hard fan of Beyonce! You are stuck for life! You will never forget! Lol

Oh... And let's not forget the 90s tribute song "Party" video featuring 1 half of Outkast, Andre 3000. 

Whenever you hear that song or video, you are bound to dance, and feel like you are Partying with Beyonce, Kelly, and baby sister Solange for some type of event in their lives. It's just automatic! And we love it!!!

Make sure you enjoy all the tribute photos and make sure you give the Singer/Actress a Birthday Holler on Instagram, Twitter @beyonce or on Facebook! If not... Just listen to your favorite song and dance like its your birthday as well! 

Kudos! Smooches!!! Muah!!! Thanks for The Love!!! 💋❤😉

Baby Sister Solange Chopping it up with her big sister, Beyonce, all while DeeJaying for the Party video!

Beyonce and Best Friend Kelly having fun and being silly!!! ❤

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