Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"A Wedding Memoir of a Sunny September Afternoon..."🎢🎢🎢

Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Adrian Taylor!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Here are some of Our Memorable Fashion Memoirs of that Beautiful September afternoon! A Musical Matrimony! Enjoy!!! 

Check out How These Fashionable Men and Fashionistas accomplished these looks below: 

The Lovely Bride LaSheena Allgood, has always been known for her unique appeal to make something her own! She has always been the type, to create hair, fashion, arts and crafts, with her bare hands. 

The Bouquet she created herself out of music note paper:

It's not too often that you find a bride who plans her own wedding, coordinates her own wedding, Decorates and creates all the decorations for her own wedding! 

She also did her lovely dreadlocks herself, and get this.. She designed her own dress as well! 

LaSheena with the help of a friend, designed her elegant wedding gown. 

LaSheena, in her own words, "LaShelle and I designed the dress." Referring, to long term friend, LaShelle Cameron. She preceded to explain, "I ordered a generic version of a Kim Kardasian Vera Wang dress..." ( Gotta love Vera Wang) "...from overseas, We removed the straps, added a more defined sweetheart neckline with pearl embellishments."

The beautiful tulle and laced train is what really blew guest away! It was very long and breathtaking! 

The Bride chose to accessorize with beautiful pearls weaved through her dreads and beautiful large pearl studs in her ears. She wore a beautiful pearl necklace and pearl bracelet as well! She wore these beautiful shoes.

Regarding her beautiful, vintage, lace, reception dress, LaSheena proceeded to tell us that she purchased this particular dress from overseas for as low as $15! 

Talk about a steal! The exquisite lace dress was designed by Asos Petite.

The Natural Bride definitely did her thing!!! And we LOVE it!!! 

The Groom alongside his Bride was quite Dapper himself, He wore a Charcoal 3 piece suit. He chose to go without the blazer. He wore a black shirt and tie. And a charcoal vest and pant. He accesorized with shades and a simple rubber bracelet. He was definitely ready for his bride! 

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