Friday, August 30, 2013

Today On Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog We Throwback Thursday to The 1940s!

Check out Some of the Looks We Love From the #FabulousForties!!! 

Fur and Hats! Two Fashion Must Haves we love!!! 

The Classic Bird Cage Net Hat! Paired with Polka Dots! 

Head Wraps! And Peacoats!
Bazaar Magazine 1940's Spread

The Flapper Dress!
Actress Nina Mae McKinney:

Actress Lena Horne:

The Classic Floppy Hat! 

Actress: Jane White daughter of Civil Rights Activist Paul White

Collars are popular in this day and age!!! 
Now you see where the inspiration came from: 

1940s Channel tribute:

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