Saturday, June 29, 2013


   Animal prints has become apart of the culture of fashion. Everyone owns something that has animal print. From people who love simple attires to the complex daredevils. Animals prints are and have literally taking over, but today were fighting back to get the 4-11 on their intentions. 

•ANIMAL PRINTS- These prints are very well rounded. They can go for any function or event, anytime, and basically any place. 

The true question is how much of it is TOO much?!?! That all depends on the event; if your at a REALLY formal event keep it to a minimum, more of like an accessory. For example, an animal print clutch or heels. Then a more UPBEAT event like a bachelorette party, feel free to let your inner animal go and really play with the print by mixing colors, the brights and the darks, just really personalizing the print into your own.  

Now that we know the prints as a whole what about them seperatly?!?! Hmmm... Lets start with leopard print (image above) that is really the one of most popular print. Leopard print or what I like to call it one of the universal prints, speaks SOOO many different languages. From extremely fisty and sexy to clever, sneaky,and bold the print can do it all! It all depends how you leave your mark with the print. 

If you don't want to attract a lot of attention, just wear the print as an accessory. For example, phone cases, shoes, clutches, sunglasses, and etc. But if you really want a lot of attention wear a big item in the place you want to attract attention, because the print is super catchy to the human eye. meaning if you wear a leopard shirt it attracts to your top, leopared jeans then it attracts eyes to your bottom, leopared shoes to your feet and so on. Be warned that too much attention sometimes isn't really the best thing. Lastly, a BIG THING about the print, the tighter the print equals the more bad attention you don't want. I advise a good reasonable tightness that want become negative.

Next, zebra print (print above) which is another slightly universal print that comes in not only the natural black and white, but various colors. Unlike a lot of the other animal prints it can go from sexy to being very playful. EXSPECIALLY, when the black and white strips are mixed and match with a light and carefree colors like pink, yellow, green, purple, and so on. I particularly love this print because everyone from young to old can were it and it does not say the same thing about them. 

Accessorizing with this print puts other people seeing you in a place of comfort ,because something about the print feeds off to people as being down to earth, calm, and collective. Their is really no limits with the print because like other prints it can be worn day to night, bed to outside. The boundaries for this print is pretty much limitless. 

The next print, is giraffe (image above) which is very rarely worn and is very sophisticated and posed. Its a very simple print that can pull out a very focused mood. This print can't really be worn everywhere, but it's very good for business meetings, semi-formal dinners, and a socializing/networking event. I love this print in a long spring dress, because it just makes the body look taller and symmetrical. Evenly portioning the body in all the right places, were it gives a beautiful figure, but not over baring. 

It is possible to accessories with the print ,but it is very rare. And the print really isn't given as much credit, because a lot of people can look pass it unless its literally in their face. Careful with this print ,because its not that eye-catching and it leaves just a good enough space to open the door, but your personality and capability does the rest. 

    Thanks for tuning into EDWINA LASHAN fashion blog for the 411 on what the prints are saying...Part 3: STRIPES soon to come. 

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