Sunday, June 23, 2013


Finding the perfect print, can become a hassle and making sure your prints says what you want to say about you is a PRIORITY !    


•Polka-dots: Are one of the must cute, playful, and flirty prints. It's a perfect print to wear on a spring or summer day or a cloudy and winter day. This print is very flexible for any season. 

       Speaking of flexable, they are perfect for any size. From petite and skinny to a full-figured and well formed woman. Making the print perfect for events like a baby shower, an afternoon wedding, a elegant baby shower, and many more events. 

       "Polka dots are a fun print that adds whimsy to any ensemble," says Gretta Monahan, the style guru from "The Rachael Ray Show." Like all prints, Polka dots can speak meaning things depending on how we were them. With a shear or a dark see-through material, Polka dots can be slightly sexy. Exspecially, if worn on a night out on the town, cute and bubbly WILL go out the window. In return wiith a new hot and sexy women ready to run the world ,but it's also a careful look just giving enough to attract attention, instead of too much or negative attention. 


        On the other hand, Polka dots with super bright colors can take you to a cute and childlike playful look. In my opinion, you have to be careful depending on wear you wear these bright polka dots, because people do have the ability to under estimate your capability. Only wear on a more care-free day because then you don't care how the prints are talking, but how fabulous you look! 

 Next, I love wearing prints like this to accessories and match with different pieces of clothing. For example, a polka dot skirt with a pastel colored shirt or if I feel very daring then adding another print to the outfit. 

        Warning, I know adding different prints to another print is not for everyone; unless your a super, super style daredevil willing to take a HUGE risk.

          Simple cute looks like this is great for a business meeting, interview, and  worship services ,because it brings a level of respect saying "I can handle business ,but I can have fun doing it." It shows the ability to have good sportsmanship andgreat teamwork abilities.
             Also, it says that your able to handle yourself in different situations when you have to work by yourself on different projects. 


    Lastly, if your not really a print fan, but looking for a new look try accessory from phonecases, handbags, shoes, hair bands, belts, bows, jewelry, and etc with the print. Polka dots are a great print to accessory with because it says "I like to have fun ,but can maintain elegants and class with my fun!" Polka dots are a very fun ,but vintage print were it can reveal a very modern look. 

    Thanks for tuning into EDWINA LASHAN fashion blog for the 411 on what the prints are saying...Part 2: Animal prints soon to come. 

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