Monday, May 27, 2013

"FASHION ON A DAILY": Rainy Day Madness !

Have you ever found yourself looking through your closet on a rainy day and having absolutely no idea what to wear?!?!?! THATS OKAY, because Edwina LaShan gots your back ! Of course, the seasons are constantly changing and looking good has become a downer! You know it's true!! In our opinion, cute and comfy is the thing. Start by wearing some cute simple or colorful leggings to bring a pop of color to you mood. With a cute colorful or simple top. Feel free to add a colorful scarf or casual jewelry nothing to heavy and too much and nothing to little and not enough, try aiming for something in the middle. But if leggings aren't your thing try a cute short warm seasonal time dress with some stockings or leggings to go with. And if you really want to add some spice to the dress try long shear-sock stockings. Of course, WHAT SHOES TO WEAR?!?! In my opinion, Rain boats because they are the perfect accessory to show your funky or preppy look in the rain. From poke-a-dot to snazzy animal print or the basic plaid or a simple pop color boot. For those who don't own rain boats, a basic flat or converse will do the trick. Plus, you got to have outer wear! A simple Rain-Coat or a colorful blazer will end the look ! Ladies and gents RAINY MADNESS NO MORE ! Oh and DON'T FORGET YOUR UMBRELLA...

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