Sunday, March 24, 2013

Favorite 2013 Kids Choice Awards Looks

The 2013 Kids Choice Awards was a huge success. Specially, for the young teens and adults who look absolutely amazing walking the ORANGE carpet. The floor of my favorite looks goes to: (Left to Right)

•Zendaya ,from Disney's Shake it Up, looked amazing in a pastel splatter print skirt with a light-ocean blue sweater and a bedazzled collar as a beautiful accessory to bring out the pop of the sweater. And a small watch and beaded brown bracelet as arm candy. Plus, 1960's frame glasses with a pink tint on the lens.Of course we can't forget the shoes! Brownish wrapped cage shoes that wrapped around the ankles. For a classic vintage pop look !

•Peyton List, from Disney's Jessie, wore a fabulous look with short-sleeve black half top. Accented with black and white diagonal print lines. And to add some pop, bursting red pointed high heel shoes. Instead of accessories, pulled hair into a high ponytail with a black screechy to bring out a beautiful facial structure. Peyton definetly rocked the night !

•Fivel Sterwart, Sister of Twilight Saga star BoBo Stewart/Singer/Actress, looked amazing rocking it in white. With a long, collar- button down, see through white dress, and a tailored black belt to accent. Of course an amazing outfit couldn't go wrong with a pop of color. A deep red, simple pump and smokey eye make up to really make the outfit flow. And accessories like junky-brackets for arm candy and a silver small-bow tie necklace. Giving a modern vintage classic look. Which I absolutely LOVE !

•Caroline Sunshine, from Disney's Shake it Up, did a vivid pop look where every detail was absolutely amazing. Starting simple smokey eye then with a gold studded collar, into a black short-sleeve slit opening around the collar. Also a black studded belt around the waist that compromise the horizontal agua-blue and black stripped fitted skirt. Then a beautiful black clutch to tone down the look and a golded sparkle heels with a canary yellow bow on the tips of both shoes. Miss Sunshine is surely shaking up things with this gorgeous look !

These fashion divas are surely eye catching and jaw dropping with these amazing looks ! Check back to Edwina LaShan fashion blog for more insight to your everyday hottest looks. --LaShan

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